Application for Fall 2013 graduation and certificate

The period for filing graduation intents and petitions for certificates started Sept. 3 and will run until Oct. 10. All relevant forms are available online and a hard copy must be filed with the Admissions Office by the deadline.

The Admissions Office suggests that students meet with a counselor prior to finalizing their paperwork in order to ensure they meet the requirements for graduation or a certificate.

Students must have:

1. “All official transcripts from former college(s) on file at EC.”

2. “Completed their form legibly, accurately, and completely.”

3. “Met the published deadline as found in the class schedule.”

Failure to meet any of these prerequisites can “delay your graduation intent and prevent you from graduating in the semester you selected.”

Any further questions can be directed to the Admissions Office at 310-660-3593 with the following extensions based upon last name:

A-G ext. 3423 or [email protected]

H-O ext. 3426 or [email protected]

P-Z ext. 3424 or [email protected]