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Kinesiology and Fitness Complex now open to students and the public

Phase one of the new Kinesiology and Fitness complex project has been completed and was opened on Monday to students and the public.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Rory Natividad, dean of Health Science and Athletics, said. “I don’t know how else to put it. It’s a great facility for our community, it’s a great facility for our students and our staff. It’s got a combination of a little bit of everything.”

The project which took around eight months to complete and cost around $3 million to complete, was on time and didn’t have any major setbacks during the construction.

“The contractors did very well and on schedule,” Tom Brown, director of facilities, said. “We had a little bit of rain, but nothing that delayed us too much.”

The complex is a complete upgrade from the old field that was built in the ’50s.

“It’s an instructional facility that’s 40 years newer than the instructional facility we had,” Natividad said. “It used to be a natural grass field that’s tough to maintain because of the use we had on it, it’s a high use facility. Now that facility is self maintained, it will always be green.”

Along with the major upgrades students have noticed how the renovation makes the college look nicer than the old facilities.

“When I first got to El Camino they used to have those handball courts, where the sand volleyball courts are and the field itself was a mess,” Jessica Sanchez, 19, business administration major, said. “Now it looks amazing and nice like a university field.”

Some coaches have taken notice to the major upgrade and the benefits it will provide for their players.

“It’s fantastic, it’s unusual for us to play on a field that is perfectly even, perfectly flat and big enough for us to play on,” John Britton, soccer and badminton coach said.

The field came at a great time just as the previous field had long needed renovating.

“I think it’s great,” football coach, John Featherstone said. “I think it’s long overdue that we have some improvements done here. I think the new sport turf will be great. The kids enjoy it.”

In addition to the community, student, and athletic benefits the improvements provide there’s hope that the facilities will draw some high school students to want to attend the college.

“We want our area high schools to want to go here,” Natividad said. “That’s just another thing. Our coaches are out recruiting for football, basketball and baseball and all those sports. Our coaches and student-athletes can be ambassadors. We want them to have a good experience so when they go back to their high school they and let their friends know and oh by the way we have these great new facilities.”

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