Organizations come together for Social Justice

Organizations come together for Social Justice

Various organizations gathered at the Schauerman Library Lawn for the 1st annual Social Justice Fair.

The event was sponsored by the Student Development Office and the ECC Feminist Club.

Students like Jennifer Cole, 27, fashion design major, said that events like these helps inform students on campus about social justice issues that can affect students.

“I feel that not enough people are educated about these topics and I see that they are just walking by and not paying attention. Half of the students don’t know what is going on in the world,” Jennifer Cole, 27, fashion design major said. “I think that people can get inspired, there’s a lot of younger student on campus who don’t really know about these organizations and how it can affect them.”

Members of the Feminist Club, wanted students to know that one does not have to be personally affected by something in order to help bring awareness to it.

“There is so much that students can get involved in,” Ericka Barbero, 21, student member said. “There is so much for everyone to take part in.”

Student representatives from the California Student Union were also at the fair.

Gregory Lewis, student member, said “it’s important for all organizations to be at this event because there is social justice movement happening now. It’s not portrayed in popular media but it is happening.”

“They need to know that it doesn’t have to be a celebrity bringing awareness, it can be a student to start a revolution,” Lewis.

Dreamers Club member, Erick Lopez, 22, said that their club was in attendance because they would like to inform students about the struggles that students like them face.

“We finally have some help and we have the opportunity to apply for financial aid but we would like that support from the campus community,” Lopez said.