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Some Monday night classes will be longer

In an attempt to make up for two days of missed instruction due to having no class on President’s Day and Memorial Day, the college has changed some of the times of Monday night classes in order to meet state regulations for how long classes must meet.

This may bring drastic changes  to make up for the time missed. The ending time for each session will be lengthened to compensate for the shorter time period, Tom Lew, dean of humanities, said.

This change means some that classes that meet only on Monday nights which right now end at 9:10 p.m., will end 25 minutes later at 9:35 p.m in the spring.

“I took a Monday night class last semester,” Kenneth Uh, 21, mathematics major, said. “It was hard enough to spend those three hours alone in that class until 9 p.m., but to think about it going to 9:30 p.m. is crazy. I don’t think anyone would ever even think about taking that class unless they were desperate.”`

With some classes ending 20 minutes later, some students wonder about the safety of walking to their cars.

“It’s already scary walking around campus and the parking lots at night,” Jessica Wheeler said. “I think getting out later would just welcome some weird people to come onto campus.”

With the possible change, some students question the effectiveness of the Monday night classes.

“I’m taking a night class right now and it’s hard,” Scott Rivas, 22, business major, said. “After getting up before 7 a.m. to go to work and then getting off at noon to go to school to take three classes is really tough. By the time you get to the 8 p.m. mark of the class, most students are already too tired to pay attention. For me, I know I’d be more likely to fall sleep for sure in a class that is getting out later.”

However, some students like the change due to the class only going for 14 weeks instead of the regular 16 weeks.

“I mean, any class that gets out two weeks before other classes is a plus for me,” Justin Tate, 19, undeclared major, said.  “For people that only have one class left to take, I think this is perfect. They have the chance to not only get out of class two weeks early, but on Monday night when nothing is going on, it’s a good opportunity to finish that one class.”

Some students have become cautious regards to the changes.

“I didn’t even know some classes had been changed,” Mellisa Ramirez, 21, art major said. “I was looking at classes today and it’s something I easily looked over because I figured all the classes would be ending at the same time as this semester.”

For example, one of these changes is to a photojournalism  class which usually is 4 hours long, but in spring, it will now be 4 hours and 40 minutes long.

The change is an additional 40 minutes of class time, which is almost the length of an entire lecture period for the photojournalism class.

“I think it’s crazy,” Brett Campbell, 20, undeclared major, said. “Who in their right mind is going to want to stay on campus until almost 10 p.m. just to get two units of work. I definitely will not be touching any of those classes.

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