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Non-payments result in dropped courses

It’s two days before the start of the semester and most students log onto their MyECC accounts to print out their schedule for the semester.

About one thousand students, including Jason Williams, 23, history major, logged in to find that they had been dropped from all of their classes and now had to scramble to get into new classes or into their old classes.

Another problem students are running into is that when they enroll in a class and are put on the wait list, they pay for the classes they got into right away, but end up getting dropped from everything because they don’t pay when they get added  to the roster from the waitlisted classes.

“It was terrible, I was enrolled into four classes that I needed to transfer and I was dropped from all of them,” Williams said. “I had to rush to try to get back into my classes, only to find that all of them were already full and I had lost my spot. I wish I had more warning for the deadlines.”

EC has had an established payment deadline for the last three semesters.

“We have two payments to clear spots for new students that are coming in after continuing students should have taken advantage of their priority registration,” Jeanie Nishime vice president of student and community advancement, said. “The second deadline is used to make room for more students that come to campus who want to take classes.”

To help reduce the number of students that are being dropped, Nishime suggested students download the MOX application which is used to show students notifications, schedules and display campus news.

“The app is a great way to stay connected to the school,” Nishime said. “It’s also easy. You can type in your username and have automatic access to anything from notifications to emails or even the campus map.”

For students who have fee waivers, these drops from payment deadlines are no problem for them.

“I’m on fee waivers, so I never have to worry about how my classes are going to be paid for,” Cody Stephenson, 20, philosophy major, said.  “I have friends who are always panicking to pay for classes because their registration date is so close to the deadline.”

However, some students didn’t have any problems due to paying as they registered for their classes.

“I think if you just pay soon as you can, get your classes, you’ll be fine,” Kenneth Johnson, 18, art major, said. “It’s what I do, and I have no problems when it comes to the deadline dates.”

Along with downloading the MOX application, Nishime  believes students need to use their myECC to utilize their college email more to prepare themselves.

“When students transfer they will be given a school email,” Nishime said. “Most colleges use it to communicate with their students and send out information on events and things going on on campus.”

“Students need to begin to pay more attention to their email. We’ve had a lot of intances where students pay for all of the classes only to get dropped when they don’t pay for the classes they get into after being on the wait list,” Nishime added.

In order to reduce the number of students being dropped, students need to start to going onto the college website more and become proactive in terms of knowing when they add classes and when those classes need to be paid for, Nishime said.

“I ran into this problem last semester and ever since I downloaded the MOX app I have been fine,” Ryan Howard, 22, English major, said.

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