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Cheaters never prosper

Cheating has been going on since the beginning of time, and the cat-and-mouse game that goes on between the instructors and the students has taken a new turn because of new technology.

“I have seen people cheat and it’s getting bad,” David Lopez, economics major, said.

“There are multiple ways of doing it these days to get away with it.”

The new ways of cheating have prompted instructors to crack down on students.

They can do things such as moving around desks to make certain that students cannot view other’s papers.

Some have even made completely different versions of tests to combat cheating.

“I don’t do that; I don’t think I have a lot of cheating going on,” Diana Crossman, speech professor, said.

“It may be different in math or science, but not really with my classes,” she said.

It may be more of a problem than what some instructors may perceive.

Technology has worked its way into the classroom through phones with Internet capabilities and even with some MP3 players.

People can use the phones to look up answers on Google or they can use their MP3 players to keep notes.

“I have known of people who will upload notes for a math test onto their MP3 player or iPod and use it on the test pretending like they are listening to music,” Lopez said.

The faculty thinks that students should be severely reprimanded for cheating.

The administration has a strict policy on cheating but it still does not stop ill-prepared students from cheating.

“There is not much the administration can do about cheating,” Kyle Smith, EC student, said.

“It’s kind of inevitable and everyone does it every now and then.”

The ways of cheating have been developing rapidly, even without the use of modern technology.

Whether it is scrawled upon a note card, on the side of a water bottle or even a map of the United States drawn on the inside of a pants pocket, cheating is at its pinnacle in today’s society.

“Cheating is just a part of classes that will not go away and as long as people are putting forth the effort to cheat they will continue to be successful,” Smith said.

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