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Alternative to mundane studies: Study Abroad

Students who attend EC’s study abroad program’s trip to Austria, Germany and Italy this summer will be given the opportunity to partake in new experiences and take classes never before offered simultaneously.

The program will run from June 16-July 4, and students will be able to visit sites such as the Vatican, Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii and the Doge’s Palace in their free time.

“This program is exciting because it’s the first time art and geology have been taught together in the study abroad program,” Constance Fitzsimons, professor of art, said.

Courses to be offered are determined by student and faculty interests and include: Art History 2, Art History 3, Geology 1 and Geology 3.

There is an estimated cost of $4,543, which covers the round trip airfare from Los Angeles, excursions, hotels, the private coach bus and some meals.

“Yes, it’s expensive, but you get your money’s worth,” Dr. Gloria Miranda, dean of behavioral and social sciences, said.

A deposit of approximately $500 is necessary to save a spot, and all money is due tomorrow; students who miss the deadline are encouraged to contact Fitzsimons or Charles Herzig, geology professor, said.

“We hope 40 people will join us this summer for the trip to Europe,” Herzig said.

“Money seems to be the main reason why people will not go, but financial aid is available.”

The trip was designed to give students the opportunity to interact with other cultures and to give them a more hands-on experience in their education in order to appreciate other cultures.

“Students gain more of an educational background and social environment by attending study abroad programs,” Fitzsimons said.

“It’s much more memorable to see the Sistine Chapel in person than (on) a power-point presentation.”

Not only does the program create a new learning environment, but a maximum of 10 units may be earned, depending on which classes the students are enrolled in.

“The fee does not include the costs of classes, but classes are fully transferable to California State Universities and Universities of California,” Herzig said.

“When colleges look at transcripts, our students stand out.

Study abroad on a transcript means that the student is well-rounded.”

Instructors hope students gain opportunities to connect with other cultures, and to appreciate other cultures.

“It’s the chance of a lifetime,” Miranda said.

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