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Student support event tomorrow

Everybody can have times in college where the end is not in sight, especially when faced with hard classes and financial difficulties.

There is good news for students with every type of hurdle imagined. SSTARS (Student Success Transfer and Retention Services) is having an open house tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Student Activities Center and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the Library Lawn. The main purpose is to get the word out on all of the resources that can help students become more successful.

“It is to communicate the retention and support services that exist here for all students,” SSTARS coordinator and counselor, Elaine Moore said.

“We want to inform the campus about all of the services because a lot of students are not aware of all the resources that are available to them.”

There are more than 25 different programs on campus, all for different and specific needs. One program, adult re-entry, focuses on providing services for students age 30 and older, returning to or starting college for the first time.

“We’re trying to make students aware of this particular program that offers some support to students fearful of returning to school,” Cheryl Beverly, Adult Re-Entry counselor, said.

There are programs that assist everyone from single parents to visa students those with disabilities to first-year students, and athletes to at-risk youth.

There are also programs that provide financial aid, career placement, career counseling, matriculation and student development.

“We have enough support services that everybody should really take advantage of,” Moore said.

One of EC’s programs, the Puente Project, focuses on increasing the number of underserved students who are enrolled in four-year colleges to earn degrees and return to their community to serve as leaders and mentors. Student Salvador Montes, a civil engineering major, said he really enjoys the Puente Project.

“It’s great. They actually open doors to new things and it is a very good tool,” Montes said. “They give us priorities such as registration and they show you a lot of benefits that the school has.”

Montes also benefited by meeting all of the new people in the program and by making new friends.

” It really builds a sense of community by having the same classes and going on field trips together,” Montes said. “Puente students from other programs are very helpful as well. It’s such a great program.”

It is strongly urged by the organizers every student and faculty member attend the open house. The programs offered may give a student the head start that they need and to succeed faster.

“The idea is excellence in the classroom as well as outside the classroom; that is what we’re striving for,” William J. Cooper, Honors Transfer Program and career counselor said. “Our goal is for teachers in the classroom and the students to be aware that all these topnotch services are available to them,” he said.

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