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Student Stabbed with illegal knife

A female student stabbed a male student with a 5-inch butterfly knife during an argument in front of the Communications Building on Tuesday around 9 a.m., police said.

There were multiple witnesses in front of COMM 204 saying that the 20-year-old female had calmly walked away after the incident. The 17-year-old victim sustained severe stab wounds to his left arm and went into shock.

He was stabilized on the scene by paramedics before being taken to a nearby hospital.

The victim was not being cooperative with officers on the scene, and prompted police to begin investigating a possible suspect immediately after the crime.

Police believe that the victim knew the female and the argument was apparently over money issues.

“Chief Michael D’Amico was very adamant about dedicating all of our resources to getting the suspect,” said Sgt. Dal Toruno. “We were able to get a little more information from the victim with the help of his parents.”

After finding the address of the suspect, officers talked to her parents told them that she was a suspect of the incident on campus and she was needed for questioning.

By 10 p.m., 20-year-old Angela Jordon of Los Angeles turned herself in to the El Camino Police Department during which time she was interviewed and read her Miranda Rights by the arresting officers.

Officers recovered the bloody knife and she was transported to the Torrance Police Department.

She is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a knife on a college campus, possession of an illegal weapon and robbery.

Bail is set at $100,000. Although she has not yet been convicted, she has had prior run-ins with the police, Toruno said.

The suspect will also be turned over to EC’s director of student development for possible disciplinary action.

“We are not going to tolerate any type of violence on our campus,” said Toruno. “I have to credit the officers who kept digging and I commend every one involved in helping.”

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