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‘The Longest Yard’ seeks extras

Lights, camera, El Camino.

Students have the opportunity to join Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, Chris Rock, Nelly and the rest of the cast in the production of Paramount Pictures’ and Columbia Pictures’ of “The Longest Yard.”

Extras are wanted for crowd scenes being filmed in Murdock Stadium and must be 16 years of age or older. Interested persons may sign up at to be a cheering fan in one of the crowd scenes of the film, which will be released Memorial Day, 2005.

“This is a great opportunity for people to see what it’s like to be on the set of a real movie,” Cash Brian, the creator of, said.

“You could also win phenomenal prizes, from the cop car being used in the movie, to a walk-on part in the movie. We also give out lots of autographed posters and footballs,” he said.

Also included for extras are free parking, free food and a copy of the “How to be a Paid Extra” booklet.

Clubs on campus will also benefit from having their members as extras for an all-day crowd scene.

“As long as there are 30 or more members in the club willing to participate for the whole day of shooting, they will receive fundraising from,” Brian said.

Further information may be obtained by visiting or by calling the office at (323) 653-4105 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

According to information given by Paramount Pictures/Columbia Pictures, “The Longest Yard” is an updated version of the 1974 comedy starring Burt Reynolds.

The film is being directed by Peter Segal, whose credits also include “50 First Dates,” “Anger Management” and “Tommy Boy.”

“The Longest Yard” centers around former NFL pro Paul Crewe (Sandler) who is sent to prison for shaving points.

While locked up, Crewe uses his time to transform a group of diverse inmates into a football team.

Unlikely teammates, the convicts unite together when they find out who they are playing against: the guards.

With the help of fellow inmates Nate Scarborough (Reynolds) and Caretaker (Rock), Crewe promises the cons “a chance to gain revenge in a showdown where anything goes,” according to information given by Tammy Sandler (who has no relation to Adam), publicist for “The Longest Yard.”

“Although we plan to update quite a few things, the overall story will remain intact. We want to keep the same blend of comedy and grit that made the first one a classic,” producer Jack Giarraputo said.

According to Paramount Pictures, Segal was more than happy to work with pals Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in bringing a classic to a new generation.

“I’ve always dreamed of doing a great sports comedy, something dads and sons could sit down and enjoy together,” Segal said.

The film is being shot at Murdock Stadium until the beginning of October. After looking at many other fields, it was decided that the film would be shot at Murdock Stadium.

The college will benefit from the movie, receiving a lawnmower, a squad car and financial reimbursement.

“We needed a smaller stadium, and we had a really good relationship with the people at El Camino; everyone was really cooperative,” Brian said.

“We needed a field with a certain personality and character to it, and Murdock Stadium had it.”

On the Set

What: Extras are needed for “The Longest Yard;” minimum age is 16.

When: Sept. 28, 30 and Oct. 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where: Murdock Stadium

Find out more: Interested students may call (323)653-4105 or go to

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