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Police Beat

Cadet assaulted

After assaulting a cadet, an 18-year-old male student was arrested.

The cadet was assaulted when working the shuttle at night, Thursday, May 13. The student attacked with a punch to the head. When officers arrived, the student ran to The Manhattan and officers arrested him when he exited.

They detained the student and found that he was carrying a knife.

The student was charged with the felonies of assaulting a school official and possession of a knife. The knife had a blade over nine and a half inches long.

The student was transported to the Torrance Police Department.

The cadet sustained minor injuries. Officers say anyone who strikes a school official will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Riding illegally

Officers found a small bag of marijuana in a man’s pocket when he was stopped for illegally riding his bike on the sidewalk, Tuesday, May 11.

The subject was not a student and said he was just on campus to hang out.

He had no ID, so he was sent to the police station for identification. It was found that he had a criminal record.

He was cited for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Marijuana found

Two students were found on campus smoking marijuana May 14.

When officers were dispatched, the subjects split up. One went to the Schauerman Library and the other went by the racketball courts.

The student by the racketball courts did not have any marijuana in his possession, but admitted to previously smoking some.

The subject who fled to the library had a warrant under the Redondo Beach Police Department. Redondo Beach police came to pick him up.

Driver arrested

A car was pulled over for tinted windows in front of the college.

The driver was cited for having an expired driver’s license Thursday.

The driver had a warrant from the Los Angeles Police Department for $26,000. The LAPD came and picked him up for the warrant.

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