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Spring Games come to end

It’s the third and final round of “Mind Games” and the Anthropology and Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) Clubs are head to head.

Jason Tran, the event moderator asks, “What color do you get when you mix blue and red?”

A team member from SOL yells out, “Pink!”

Wrong answer!

Tran then proceeds to the Anthropology Club team and it answers purple, the right answer, making it the winner.

Spring is here and with it has come once again the annual Inter-Club Council’s (ICC) Spring Games.

These games take place through the month of April and members of on-campus clubs get the chance to gather together and enjoy a fun filled time.

“It’s a four-week multi-event where clubs go head-to-head and have fun,” cinema arts major Alex Calderon said.

ICC is responsible for coordinating the games and also choosing which games will take place.

“Different clubs like Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), the Anthropology Club, the Cinema Arts Club, the Pan Asian Club, the Sociology Club and SOL participate,” 19-year-old AGS member Clarissa Caballero said.

“Mind Games” is the third of four games that is happening this month. The next and final game, called the “Obstacle Course,” will take place tomorrow in the Student Activities Center at noon.

“During the games, members of various clubs interact, which expands your number of friends and gives you good inter-club relations, which is good for the soul,” Caballero said.

As the representative of the Cinema Arts Club, Tran said he believes everyone should get involved because it’s rewarding and it makes campus life more interesting.

“The Spring Games have been going on for years,” Tran said. “It’s an annual tradition here on campus.”

“The games bring everyone together and it’s an opportunity where we can have a good time, get to know one another more and make campus a better place,” Tran said.

Aside from the winners getting rewarded, for Caballero, one of the benefits is earning the service points required for AGS.

“There are rewards for the winners; they get trophies,” Caballero said. “The non-winners get the reward of friendship.”

As of now, the Cinema Arts Club has received a trophy for earning first place in “Scavenger Hunt” and the Anthropology Club also obtained a trophy for taking first place in Friday’s event, “Mind Games.”

“Those clubs who get first, second and third place standing will receive trophies at a luncheon,” Janice Watanabe, ICC adviser said.

Exactly how or why Spring Games came about is not known. However, it has been around for some time now and is considered a campus custom.

“I have absolutely no idea who came up with the Spring Games,” Caballero said. “But I’ll definitely join again next year.”

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