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Greenhouse dream becomes a reality

On campus, a greenhouse is turning from a dream to a reality for the natural science department, after a long period of hope and anticipation.

The development of the project is credited to natural science professor Jack Ward, who had been fighting for a greenhouse on campus since first becoming a faculty member in 1976.

“Jack is retiring this year and is seeing his dream come true,” Barbara Perez, Greenhouse Project Committee member, said.

Students in the horticultural program will especially benefit from the greenhouse, since they will have the opportunity to work in an environment where they can gain hands-on experience in what they are studying.

“It will allow us to provide an educational environment for students interested in horticulture,” Perez said.

In its final stages in phase one, the greenhouse is due to be completed within the next month.

The greenhouse is being called high tech because of how modern and advanced it is.

It’s a controlled environment that will have a heater, a fan and an automatic misting and water system.

“Its as modern as you can get,” contributor to the greenhouse project Kevin Kane said. “Hopefully, it will give students a modern greenhouse to work in.”

The greenhouse, which was originally going to be located on top of the new renovated building may now be found next to the vegetable plantation near the parking structure.

Funds for the project came from the EC foundation, Measure B and the state.

“It took two to three years trying to get the funding,” Kane said.

“The greenhouse had been in planning stages for four years,” Perez said.

The greenhouse means a lot to the natural science department because it’s condusive to the horticultural program and will bring many opportunities for the students.

“Students will get the chance to work in nurseries and landscaping,” Perez said. “It will give them employment opportunities and will make them competitive in the job market.”

Because it’s fairly recent, the greenhouse will be restricted to students in the horticultural program; however, the possibility of more students getting involved and a club forming is not out of the question.

“I personally expect it to stimulate a lot of interest in students,” Kane said.

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