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Clubs open to members

Club rush week is over, but the opportunity for students to join clubs is not. There are many different clubs available on campus and students still have the chance to get involved.

Diana Zahir, president of the Inter Club Council (ICC), said a lot of clubs participated in club rush and students were interested and took full advantage of signing up.

“I think it shows that a lot of students want to get involved with school,” Zahir said.

On the other hand, Zahir said many students who come to EC only attend to get their general electives before they transfer. Oftentimes, students have to cram in classes while staying on top of their work schedule, so some students are too busy to participate in extra curricular activities.

“I don’t have time for it (clubs),” Sheneic Brooks, a speech communications major, said. “I work at night.”

Jeannine Barba, the faculty adviser for Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), the honors society, said that although it may be difficult for students to make time for clubs, it could be done.

“It’s all in how you prioritize things,” Barba said.

A new club, Omega Chi Psi, had a lot of students signup at club rush. Omega Chi Psi is a club that plans to do social events every month.

Zahir said that AGS and the Sociology Club also did quite well at club rush. Zahir also wanted to remind students that clubs are a good experience in leadership.

“I think students should join clubs because it offers them a lot of opportunities,” Amy Peter, vice president of the ICC, said.

The clubs all have one main requirement, which is that students must be enrolled at EC. However, AGS requires their members have a 3.0 grade point average; this is the only club with this requirement.

Peter said clubs offer many different opportunities for students and many offer community service programs.

“I think that community service helps because it gives you a lot of self-satisfaction,” Peter said, “and you’re helping the community, what’s better than that?”

If students missed club rush week and are still interested in joining a club on campus, Peter said the Student Development Office and the mailboxes in the Activities Center are good places to obtain information or students may go to

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