Students consider plans for future

With the holidays nearing everyone is getting ready to go on vacations, shop for gifts and prepare for the festivities to come. But as holiday music blares forth from radio speakers, students try their best to remain focused with only a few weeks left remaining for the school year.

“I have my priorities straight,” Randy Pacheco, undecided major, said. “I know what I have to do.”

Students so far, have been able to resit the temptation to throw in their books with the semester winding down.

“Students are more focused now,” child development professor Sonya Thompson said. “At this time of year, students are participating and have high energy levels.”

Pacheco said he is happy the semester is almost over and is ready for a break. Although he has no plans of going out of town for the holidays, he doesn’t worry about it too much He says he is planning to spend the break with friends and famialy. .

With finals approaching soon, Zhao recommends that students eat and sleep well or else they won’t do well in their finals.

“Stress and a lack of sleep are a bad combination and I want my students to avoid this,” Joy Zhao, English professor, said.

She believes the preparation is key is doing well.

“I ask them to plan out their finals so that they know when to review for them,” Zhao said.

Zhao said she feels more excitement now that the semester is coming to an end, however, believes everyone should try not to lose their concentration and remain focused.

“The semester goes by so fast and it’s been a productive and rewarding semester,” Zhao said.