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Governor no longer elect

Arnold Schwarzenegger took the oath of office from California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George on the west steps of the state Capitol Monday.

In a celebrity-filled event, where Vanessa Williams sang the National Anthem,Gov. Schwarzenegger said he was honored and humbled to be the governor of California.

Among other things, Schwarzenegger spoke of his hopes and dreams for California and said that together, Californians would rebuild the economy.

Constantly interrupted by applause from the audience, Schwarzenegger gave a speech expressing his desire to turn the government around. However, some who watched were unimpressed.

“This is where you would expect platitudes, I wouldn’t expect anything more,” Bob Pielke, philosophy professor, said.

During his 12-minute speech, Schwarzenegger said he would lead California back from fiscal adversity, work on workers compensation and address the situation facing SB-60, driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

He said in his speech that his first act as governor was to sign an executive order to repeal the 300 percent increase in car tax.

Chris Gray, music major, said the car tax was put there for a reason and that Schwarzenegger shouldn’t repeal it. Despite that, he said he still supports the governor.

“I think he is a good enough businessman to make (California) better than what it is right now,” Gray said.

Faced with a $24 billion debt and an economic climate that the Daily Breeze reported to be the worst in the nation, Schwarzenegger jumps into a situation with no experience and democratic congress up against him.

Gray said he hoped the governor would focus more on what he was going to do rather than ideologies with no plan of action behind them.

Schwarzenegger, who takes over office for former governor Gray Davis, faces a difficult challenge in trying to balance a budget without raising taxes

Meric Keskinel, economic professor, agreed with Gray in that he believed Schwarzenegger shouldn’t have revoked the tax.

“Raising the car tax is a good way of balancing the balance because cutting spending may not be enough,” he said.

With the fate of California’s economy in jeopardy, constituents look to Schwarzenegger to create new jobs and rebound a struggling economy.

Schwarzenegger will be the focal point of what happens over the next few years.

“I want to see what he does, actions speak louder than words,” Pielke said.

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