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Book fair coming soon

Books, periodicals, and possibly vinyl records will be on sale for as little as a quarter during the Fall Book Fair from Tuesday through Thursday in the Activities Center.

Proceeds from the biannual sale will go to the library’s textbook collection fund and to scholarships for members of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS).

President of AGS Michael Yepp enjoyed last year’s Book Fair.

“There were a lot of books and I actually picked up a few good ones; it seemed like they had a wide variety,” Yepp said.

AGS usually receives about $500 from the proceeds and uses all of the funds for scholarships for its members.

“Many AGS members need these scholarships in order to attend El Camino College and to purchase their books and school materials; it also helps them a lot when they’re transferring out,” Yepp said.

Held since 1984, many regulars have begun to frequent the sale.

The fair usually raises about $2,000, public access librarian Ed Martinez said.

“We’ve been doing it for so long that we have a culture already developed of people who come every year, so I would say it’s been very popular over the years,” Martinez said.

Books sold during previous book fairs will not be sold this year, meaning that all books, textbooks, and magazines will be new to the sale, with prices ranging from 10 cents to $2.

“In these difficult economic times, it’s rare to get a good bargain; book fairs at El Camino are one of those places where you can find bargains,” Martinez said. “There are no cutbacks here – only good deals.”

Vintage vinyl records might also be on sale, which director of AGS Jeannine Barba finds exciting.

“They have a lot of vintage, shall we say, items that are appealing to people,” Barba said. “So that’s kind of cool; if people are collectors, they might find some good items.”

Barba also enjoys the wide selection of books available at the book fair.

“Some people like to just wander around and look at what’s available because there are thousands of books in there,” Barba said.

Barba believes that students should stop by not only to find a good bargain, but to help out their fellow students as well.

“The prices are reasonable and the effort and cause are well worth supporting,” Barba said.

“It’s definitely worth their (students’) while to stop in, even if it’s just to take a look.”

Yepp also encourages all students to go and to bring their friends and family.

“You might be able to salvage some pretty good books and it’s going toward a good cause-toward academically inclined students,” Yepp said.

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