Drivers roling in dough

Prices for gasoline have fallen nearly 4 cents per gallon over the last two weeks, according to a survey by Trilby Lundberg.

The fall is attributed to refinery shutdowns falling the August East Coast blackout and closed pipelines on the West Coast. Prices are expected to rise though, due to a demand for oil with the coming winter.

Not going anywhere soon?

Strife against President Bush’s Iraq policy is causing concern within his administration, reported the leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sunday.

Sen. Dick Lugar, R-Ind. also said he believes the war in Iraq would probably continue another eight years and would cost a lot more than the proposed $87 billion Bush asked for earlier this year

Two heads worse than one

Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim, twin boys conjoined at the head, were separated Sunday after a 26-hour surgery at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. The Egyptian boys were in critical, but stable, condition after undergoing a surgery that took a year to plan.

Announcer faces treatment

Boisterous Republican talk show personality and former NFL analyst Rush Limbaugh admitted Friday that he was addicted to pain medication following sporadic bouts with depression.

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