Places to visit during spring break


Zoha Jan

Zoha Jan/The Union

With spring break fast approaching for El Camino College students, many are left to wonder whether traveling during an ongoing pandemic is a safe idea.

As it currently stands, there are a total of 30.2 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This figure alone is enough to discourage many El Camino students from enjoying spring break on vacation.

While indoor activities and events may be on hold for the time being, many outdoor establishments have adjusted for students on break.

Drive-through movie theaters are a way to watch movies by following the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Locations such as Arena Cinelounge Drive-In have provided the classic movie-watching experience in place of a traditional indoor theater, with films such as “Godzilla vs. Kong” debuting on March 25.

Students should look into reserving their tickets in advance with prices reaching from $30-$100 per car. As it currently stands, there are drive-in theaters on both 6464 Sunset Blvd and 1625 N Las Palmas Ave.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, locations have set safety guidelines to ensure that guests have a safe viewing. Examples of such policies include temperature checks, social distancing, face-covering mandates, and rules about staying in your vehicle at all times except restroom visits.

Aviation fanatics longing for an enjoyable spring break should look no further than the Western Museum of Flight. Located on Airport Drive in Torrance.

The driving force behind a visit should be the opportunity to attend an educational institution dedicated to informing visitors of their history. COVID-19 has caused health and safety guidelines to be followed to ensure guest safety. With social distancing, face coverings, and temperature checks being the forefront of such policies. The admission fee is $5.

Scenic spring breakers that seek outdoor adventures in place of indoor activities may turn to Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center. Attending visitors are encouraged to enjoy self-guided trips. Stationed on Plaza del Amo, Torrance. Visitors won’t want to forget their binoculars for some bird spotting.

As with any other location, social distancing measures are required and face coverings for employees to ensure visitor safety. As a bonus, visitors are welcomed to enjoy Madrona Marsh free of charge; however, docent tours are available for preschool through college students for 50 cents per student.

El Camino students seeking hair-raising experiences should turn to JJ Helicopters for breathtaking Los Angeles views. Students may want to look into alternative perspectives with a city as diverse and enriching as Los Angeles. Located on Airport Drive in Torrance.

Due to limited spacing in helicopter rides, safety measures include face coverings, temperature checks, along with limited capacities on board. Traditional 1-hour tour prices reach as much as $360 per person.

While following the safety guidelines carefully, one can visit the piers. However, proper planning may be needed to ensure a safe trip. Santa Monica Pier has usually charged guests $3-$20 per vehicle. However, walk-ups are always free.

Social distancing is a requirement, along with face masks. However, Santa Monica has a strict curfew on itself. With the pier officially closed by 10 p.m., all guests will be informed to exit.

Spring break during a pandemic does look like it may be full of complications. But it has shown many folks how to adapt — showing that with a bit of preparation, anyone can have a safe and fun spring break while following the safety guidelines.