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Around the World, in a couple of hours

Brent Winebrenner addresses the audience before the screening of his film, “Around the Corner, Around the World,” inside the El Camino College Marsee Auditorium on Monday, Dec. 11. (Joshua Flores | The Union)

The crowd came for a movie.

Before the lights dimmed, as the director told the audience the format of the film, a sense of disappointment could be heard and felt from the moviegoers.

“Around the Corner, Around the World,” a documentary directed and produced by Brent Winebrenner, is a collection of still shots and some video clips accompanied by live narration.

As the pictures of strangers’ faces appeared on screen, a voice spoke to the audience guiding them on their journey across several countries around the world.

As the film ended, the audience was ecstatic, applauding and asking Winebrenner question after question.

“It’s kind of a retrospective of all the places I’ve been to,” travel and location photographer Winebrenner said. “I’d like to have viewers walk away with a sense of place… just a taste to educate people on different places.”

The photos and clips were organized based on what country was being shown, with Winebrenner giving context through narration. The film was screened inside the Marsee Auditorium on Monday, Dec. 11.

Images ranged from shots of everyday life to pictures of historical sights that hold significance to the nation’s inhabitants.

The film took audience members from Myanmar and Vietnam in Southeast Asia to Southern and Eastern Europe and ended with photos from Chile in South America.

Winebrenner would share details of the locations, offering context and historical background to the images he photographed and shared.

Some of the countries Winebrenner visited faced political upheaval in some shape or form.

Many of the places and subjects he met experienced wars, genocides and coups in the past century. The images and accompanying context gave audience members a real glimpse into what the people of these places have faced and continue to face.

“I picked places by and large I thought were interesting to me personally,” Winebrenner said. “I didn’t want to show just beauty shots and pure tourism, but also provide a little insight and education.”

Winebrenner’s experiment paid off.

For some audience members, the film was as informative as it was a visual feast for the audience.

Attendee Detlef Herbst was born in East Germany. He enjoyed how Winebrenner gave context about the history of the places he showed.

“I liked the format, he has these still pictures and he has his personal comments to it,” audience member Detlef Herbst said. “The visual images, the presenter’s observations [were] fascinating.”

The film briefly showed Berlin and the Berlin Wall. Herbst fled East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell.

“I really liked the way he presented it, it was nice to see the places I had been and it was nice to see places I hadn’t been to but they were lovely,” audience member Melinda Heinemann said. “Even though it was mostly still pictures… this guy did a really good job.”

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