Face full of makeup before the crack of dawn isn’t what school’s about

We talked to students to discuss the idea of having a full face of makeup for early morning classes.

“If you wanna look beat that’s OK,” Naomi Daniels, 23, business major, said. “It’s a personal preference.”

“I would love to have time,” Daphnee Rillera, 19, nursing major, said. “If they feel better about themselves, then why not?”

“I wake up earlier and don’t like to come without a little bit on,” Cielo Sarabia, 18, psychology major, said. “It makes me feel ready for the day.”

“I wear makeup in the morning but it’s hard,” Nana Yokokawa, 22, undecided major, said. “I have to wake up early for my morning class.”

Some people are OK with coming to school with a moderate, or even full face of makeup. Others, however, don’t see the point in it.

“You come here to learn,” Monica Marcial, 18, business major, said. “It’s for people to grab attention. You could spend that time in the morning studying.”

“If they overdo it, it’ll be unattractive,” Darius Ferguson, 19, music major, said.

“I like minimal. I don’t like too much or too fake,” Liza Yamamoto, 32, business major, said. If that’s their routine, though, that’s all to them.”

And while others are against anything above minimal makeup, others find that that it’s all up to the individual, and that in the end, their opinion doesn’t really matter.

“Personally, to each his own,” Alex Losson, 20, nursing major said. “Everyone has their own story and reason for doing what they do. Some people stay all day and have class from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. so you never know.”

“Honestly, I don’t care. If you like it, go ahead,” Jessica Arriola, 20, psychology major, said.