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Get the right looks for a fun summer

For the next three months, school is out. Summer is here, with its long days and short nights.

Just like every year, the summer brings along new trends and a fashion style for those who wish to keep up with what is considered to be “cool.”

From new clothing to makeovers, there is a new trend each summer, making stylists stay on their toes, trying to keep up with the latest fashion.

“Fashion changes a lot,” Patricia Gebert, director of cosmetology department, said. “Whenever the clothing trend changes, so do all the hair, makeup and the colors.”

During the summer heat, it is very common to see people wear fewer clothes and not worry about matching what they wear.

“In Southern California, people spend so much time outside that it’s usual to see the care-free look,” Gebert said.

“It is very important not to match too much,” cosmetology student Janet Gallegos said. “Do it, but do not over- do it because it just looks tacky.”

This year’s colors are turquoise and blue for clothing, jewelry and accessories, Gallegos said.

“During the summer, people go for a more straight look,” Gallegos said. “The colors tend to cool off; they get a lighter, more earthy tone during the summer when compared to the fall.”

But colors are not the only elements that could make a person look “cool”; a haircut, which suits the season is essential, too.

“The summer is when you see shorter hair,” Gebert said. “If it’s long then it’s better to go for a wispy, layered look.”

It is also important to combine a great haircut with adequate attire, Gallegos said.

“Hair will look better with warm colors this summer,” Gallegos said. “It is always better to go with the shaggy, straight look.”

Regardless of trends or season fashions that come and go, there are certain styles that have not ended.

With an Olympic summer around the corner, the athletic theme is in the air with the usual workout to get in shape.

“It is always a good idea to practice sports in the summer,” business marketing major Chris Odili-Obi, said. “People workout and try to get in shape so they don’t have to wear too many clothes.”

Comfort is an important part of summer, so people usually avoid wearing too much clothing since it could get really hot outdoors.

“In the summer, people go for the worry-free, wash-and-wear look,” Gebert said. “People do not want to spend too much time fixing their hair or choosing what to wear.”

However, for every care-free individual, there is one who prefers style over comfort any season.

“A lot of people go for looks rather than comfort, especially when it comes to bathing suits,” Gallegos said. “Yet, things like the faded jeans with sandals and a tank-top never seem to go out of style.”

For someone to find style or comfort, the individuals personal traits must be taken into consideration.

“Style depends a lot on the lifestyle of the individual,” Gebert said.

Despite all the pressure to look great for the summer and all the options on how to do so, there are those who do not look to make a statement with their looks.

“I don’t pay too much attention to the summer fashions,” Odili-Obi said. “For me it is basically shorts, T-shirt and sandals.”

When considering whether it is better to feel good or look like a sex symbol, Odili-Obi looks for an alternative.

“I believe there should be a median between the two,” Odili-Obi said. “In California, we really don’t have to worry about the weather, so I don’t pay too much attention to what I wear.”

Yet, there are those who feel that it is more important to feel comfortable rather than to keep up with any fashion trend.

“I am not into the latest fashions,” sophomore Roberto Rodriguez said. “I feel just fine wearing my jeans, sneakers and T-shirt.”

It does not matter if it’s pouring rain or if there is a heat wave, Rodriguez said he is not impressed by the latest style.

“I don’t’ have any money to be buying the latest clothing or getting the hottest haircut each year,” Rodriguez said. “For some people, it might be really important but not for me.”

“The latest styles usually do look nice, but I just don’t picture myself keeping up with everything,” Gebert said.

Regardless of this indifference to style, there is still a committed group of stylists who not only keep up with the latest trends, but who have the ability to help those who want to be a part of the summer fashion.

“We have people who go to fashion shows and read magazines to know what the summer trend will be,” Gebert said.

Being in a career where nothing is hip for too long, cosmetology students learn that they must stay on track with what is current but without losing their original touch.

“We encourage our students to be creative,” Gebert said.

“Especially during the summer, because people lean more toward a casual style since they are being outdoor so much.”

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