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Nursing allows her to meet new people

Having originally wanting to become a teacher, Debbie Conover decided to take a different path when she went into the nursing field.

With the advice of her mother, Conover moved into the nursing profession when she learned that the teaching market was over-saturated.

“I’m a people person,” Conover said. “I knew I would meet a lot of people going into the nursing field and get hands-on experience.”

In her hometown in Ohio, she attended nursing school through a three-year program. She later got her master’s degree at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

However, the road to becoming a nurse was not an easy one for Conover.

She said she remembers having to learn good study habits, how to organize her time wisely and to grasp the complex material that nursing classes require students to know.

“Every day there is a different challenge,” Conover said. “It keeps nursing exciting.”

Among the things she likes most about being a nurse, Conover said, is the interaction she gets to have with her patients.

Meeting new people on a daily basis and dealing with different personalities is what she enjoys the most.

“You have to have a good sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself and others,” Conover siad. “That is the main ingredient you don’t learn from a textbook.”

Conover said working at a college campus was an easy choice. To work closely with the students and to be able to help them makes going to work very satisfying.

“I love working with college students; they’re a fun group to work with,” Conover said. “They’re candid and aren’t afraid to ask questions.”

What appealed to her the most about nursing , Conover said, is the flexibility that comes with it.

Conover said she is especially attracted to the idea of being around people and has had some amazing experiences with students that have reinforced her love of being a nurse.

She said she recalls a time when a suicidal student went into the Health Center. She listened to him and hoped her words would make a difference.

She said her wishes came true when at a later visit, he told the practitioner that he did not need any medicine because having a talk with Conover was the best medicine he’d ever had.

Conover said that hearing this brought tears to her eyes. “You never know when you are going to touch or to save someone’s life,” Conover said.

Another incident that sticks in her head, Conover said, was when she encountered a student who had been working with her side by side. Conover assisted the student in every way she could, and later received an angel ornament telling her that the student had been “touched by an angel” and thanking her for all that she had done.

“They were both real suicidal students, but very nice,” Conover said. “I’m convinced that had we (the Health Center) not been here, those students would not be alive today.”

Conover credits the college campus for making her job a fun environment to work in. She said she believes that even if a person is making good money, but is unhappy with his or her job, then it’s not worth it at the end of the day.

“It’s a good staff to work with and there is good morale,” Conover said. “Everyone gets along and respects each other.”

Conover said that she didn’t go as far as becoming a doctor because she believes that a nurse has more flexibility and gets to spend more time with the patients.

“There’s a certain trust and respect students have for nurses,” Conover said. “They are grateful for us being here and we are happy to reach out to them.”

Being a nurse has allowed Conover to be around people, which is what she always dreamed of.

“You have to be compassionate and patient with the students,” Conover said.

The process to be nurse has been hard, but the end result has made everything fall into place.

Even though nursing was not her first career choice, Conover said she is happy with the turnout.

“It (nursing school) was very challenging, but worth all the hard work,” Conover said. “I’ve never regretted going into nursing.”

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