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Take the ‘ick’ out of ‘sick’

Scratchy throat, runny nose, coughing and a high fever are all symptoms people know too well as the cold season gets closer.

Taking cold medicine, drinking lots of fluids, getting plenty of rest and taking a couple of days off from work or school is what it takes to recover from a cold.

Those couple of days are not the most comfortable, and very few things might seem pleasant during these times of illness.

Some EC students have their own unique ways of feeling better when they are sick.

Singing brings joy to the body

For sophomore Nancy Sanchez, child psychology major, staying in bed makes her happy when she’s ill.

“Sleeping makes me happy when I’m sick,” Sanchez said. “I hate being awake when I’m sick because I feel horrible. If I’m asleep, I can’t feel my illness.”

Sleeping isn’t the only alternative for Sanchez. She has one more method for feeling better when she is ill but often gets criticized when practicing this method.

“I like to sing, but my brothers get mad and say that I’m faking my illness. I don’t care what they think, singing makes me feel better” Sanchez said.

Walking keeps the blood cells strong

For Elizabeth Diaz, psychology major, being away from home makes her feel better.

“I feel happy if someone takes me out and just drives me around,” Diaz said. “Hanging around at home only depresses me so being in the car just gives me a moral boost.”

For Diaz, illness is no reason for her to stay off her feet. She prefers to engage in activities that require quite an amount of walking.

“It sounds weird, but shopping is usually fun when I’m sick,” Diaz said. “It keeps me distracted from my illness and I get to do something else other than just hanging out at home.”

Being alone is good salvation for a tired brain

Aside from singing and shopping, there are those students who just don’t want to be bothered when they’re sick.

Placido Diaz Jr., administration of justice major and Elizabeth’s older brother, said being left alone is what makes him happy.

“I hate being bothered when I’m sick,” Placido said. “I get grumpy and just want to be left alone.”

Unable to sleep when he’s ill, movies give Placido a source of relief that he otherwise couldn’t find.

“I just sit and watch movies by myself. It’s better when nobody bothers me and I am left alone to deal with my illness. If not, I can get very upset.”

Sedation is the way to go for some students

Unlike Diaz, liberal studies major Rochelle Saenz finds that staying home and taking cold medicine is the best thing for her to do when she is sick with the cold or the flu.

Taking cold medicine is an alternative for a faster relief of minor aches and pains associated with having the flu.

“I like to sleep and take cold medicine. Taking the cold medicine helps me sleep at night when I’ve got the flu,” Saenz said.

Saenz said that she prefers to stay home and get better instead of going out because her chances of getting over the flu are put to risk.

“I don’t go to school when I’m sick because it makes me feel even worse. I can’t stand sitting in class trying to take notes and all the while my nose is running and I can barely breathe,” Saenz said.

“I drink a lot of fluids and try to take over-the-counter medicine,” Ana Zepeda, freshman, said. “Stay in bed and just relax.”

Also, taking precautions when ingesting cold medicine is advised. Too many meds might make someone more sick than they should be.

Find someone to lean on when you are down

Getting sympathy seems to be the best recovery for any uncomfortable illness for Tori Jewell, cosmotology major.

“I like to be pampered and taken care of when I’m sick,” Jewell said. “Having someone be there to take care of you; to rub your feet and to make you chicken soup is the best way to being happy in these times of ugliness.”

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