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EC Planetarium held a photography exhibit on space exploration

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With the cosmos and space exploration being the key focus, the El Camino Planetarium held an art show exploring the stars and beyond on Saturday, March 18 at 7 p.m.

The art show was part two of a series called “Art of Science/Science of Art,” which includes a visual storytelling by Kyle Strohmaier a physics instructor at EC who showed students that art and science can be used together in order to show science to be more accessible, according to the shows flier.

The show presents a collection of photography from Connie Samaras that will be presented by Strohmaier using art and technology to tell the story, also according to the shows flier.

“My work for this show started back last August, and has proceeded since then, first I familiarized myself with the photographs and videos that Samaras was going to present,” Strohmaier said.

Presented at the exhibit was a slide and video show projected on the top of the dome showing Antarctica and a large sea lion followed by a look at the night sky view of Aries, Orion’s Belt, Leo, Taurus and other types of star constellations were projected on the dome screen.

Also involved with the show as a curator was Vanda Vitali, who has held big roles in museums such as the Auckland Museum in New Zealand, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the International Museum Institute. She also lectures in Toronto Canada, Paris France and Arizona.

“I think that this was a very successful session for both artists meaning Samaras and Strohmaier with his exclamation of the skies and the planets and the configuration that was over Samaras presentation which was excellent,” Vitali said.

According to Samaras she provided the visual presentations and has worked on many projects from Antarctica with a built environment and extreme climate.

“It was a wonderful experience presenting at EC which is great campus and really interesting group of students working in tandem with Strohmaier,” she said. “I hadn’t realized that they had a telescope here.”

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EC Planetarium held a photography exhibit on space exploration