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Members Only: Top 5 strip clubs

April 20, 2016

Sometimes we all need a break from school or work. Here are some of the best strip clubs you can hit if you want to indulge yourself with unfiltered entertainment near the South bay. And as long as your paper stack is heavy, you can have women to yourself left, right, center, etc.

Knockouts Gentlemen’s Club, Arcadia, Rank #1 Overall rating 9/10

Sports bar and strip club meshed together for the utlimate lounging/adult entertainment experience. It isn’t the 2015 Winner of the Best Gentlemen’s Club for “Best of Pasadena” for nothing. Monday-Wednesday have specialties, $25 beer towers (100 ounces of any beer) and $10 lap dances. The women are friendly and the music is sure to keep you in the vibe, catering to every style on stage. Entry fee $10 any day. The distance can be staggering, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

Starz Gentlemen’s Club, Gardena, Rank #2 Overall rating 8/10

Many TVs set up in wide, spacious room give way for sports and strippers to come together at Starz. The location is only open from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday, but the area is generally OK and the walls and floors are laced in a lush velvety color. The stage is fairly large, but short, some of the dancers are almost as tall as the center stage pole with their heels on.

The downfall for Starz is that it costs $15 for the entrance fee, and even though it has a Taco Tuesdays deal for dollar tacos and $5 margaritas, the kitchen has a “B” rating. Although most people don’t go to strip clubs for food, I believe it’s relevant to one’s experience.

I will put it as No. 2, but there aren’t many great places to go in the South Bay, but that all depends on what you’re looking for.

Deja Vu (Multiple locations) No. 3 Overall rating 7.5/10

Deja Vu is a full nude strip club, that does not serve alcohol. Deja Vu is one of the more franchised strip clubs which is like the McDonalds of strip clubs (there are 10 locations in California alone, six of which are in L.A., Hollywood, City of Industry and Torrance. dim lighting and energy of the workers. And with a comedic advertisement of “1000’s of Beautiful Girls and 3 Ugly Ones” Deja Vu gets an up-vote. dancers were quite friendly, of course they are trying to get you to accept a dance in order to make some money. Depends on the day. When I went it was $15, you can also get free admission by checking out the website. Some of the nicest security personnel I’ve ever met. Club bouncers are all attitude and muscle sometimes. These guys were joking around with me and having a good time.

King Henry Viii – Gardena (Overall a 7/10 experience, Probably No. 4 or 5.)

Good vibes from the moment you walk inside, hip-hop music is mostly played but never sounds redundant, always maintains a consistent rhythm for clients and strippers to connect with. Great performers on stage, hypnotic and exotic dancing to hip-hop music. Ladies were also very welcoming and authentic when conversing with them. Lack of diversity, most of the women were black (African-american). Entrance fee $5, nothing special or disappointing about the fee because almost all strip clubs fate rate for an entrance fee ranges around $5 to $10. Located off of Crenshaw Boulevard, parking is available counting three spaces enough to fill up 50 cars give or take in total. During the winter break of 2015, a student was shot inside his car parked across the street from the club.

Jet Strip Club 6/10 overall Gets bumped to 7/10 for Friday lunch buffet Rank #5

Decent setting, not too great, the bathrooms had a putrid smell, almost seemed like they didn’t pay attention to the bathrooms throughout the day. It’s a fully nude strip joint and the dancers were nice and courteous, giving great performances for a total of 8 minutes dancing to a variety of music including hard rock and hip-hop. The dancers made it nice for people looking for intimacy in the private settings. The entrance fee is $11 after 9 p.m.

It has a free lunch buffet on Fridays from 12 to 2 p.m. and this bumps the grade for Jet Strip.