Dating tips to get your Future Baby Momma/Daddy


Photo credit:Kaylynn Myles

When they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, El Camino is that sea, because honey!

“Get ready all you lonely girls, and leave those umbrellas at home,” because “it’s raining men!”

That’s right. If you thought you were gonna leave El Camino with just an AA degree or certificate, ya wrong!

You’re gonna leave here with a husband/wife too!

We’re all fishermen.

Some of us are better at catching fish, some of us catch bad fish, some of us catch good fish, while some struggle catching any fish at all.

Those who don’t catch fish aren’t throwing their hook out there at all.

And those who are throwing their fish hooks out there and don’t catch anything aren’t using good or fresh bait.

Oh yeah ladies and gentleman, fish can be picky too.

I’ve met a few guys at El Camino but none have enough translated to a phone call.

Like seriously almost every guy that approaches me is the opposite of what I want.

I never went after the ones I wanted, but that shortly changed.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with a girl going out of her way to approach a guy!

We’ve all been there. Walking to your car, done with classes, minding your business, then BOOM!

Yo future baby daddy/momma is walking in your direction.

What are you going to do?

Be like Noah (Ryan Gosling in “The Notebook”) approach Allie and not take no for an answer?

Or are you going to keep quiet and watch them walk by, imagining what your future would have been like if you would’ve spoke up.

I was at this very popular fast food restaurant that will stay unknown because me and the guy don’t talk anymore and he can easily be found if I were to say where he worked.

We will name him Chad.

I was at the register and I saw a super cute guy working at the drive through window.

“Damn he fine,” I whispered thinking out loud.

He was short but fine but I’m short too so it wasn’t that big of a deal. We kept making eye contact and he kept smiling at me.

“His name is Chad,” the woman taking my order said.

Um, nosy!

And honestly she didn’t have to tell me because me and Chad were going to get acquainted real soon.

I was 19 and never had a boyfriend so I knew I had to start putting myself out there.

I was tired of always seeing guys I thought were cute and wanting them to approach me but nothing happening.

I always knew they were interested but my resting bitch face made me look unapproachable.

Regardless of what it was, I was tired of all the “what if’s” in my mind.

So I decided I want it I’m going to get it, I may never see this guy ever anyway.

I saw my friend working in the back. I knew he was going to be my way in.

Chad had moved from the drive through window to the drive through.

When me and my girls walked out Chad kept staring at me and smiling.

It made me kind of nervous but being the awkward girl I am in those situations my hand shot up and waved to him.

He waved back thinking that was the last he would see of me, but I had other plans.

as soon as I got in the car I dm’d my friend who worked there and told him to give Chad my number.

Twenty minutes after sending the message I get a text from an unknown number.

It’s Chad!

So there is one example of when I shot my shot and made it.

If only El Camino had speed dating to help us get acquainted.

But until then, I’m here to help you get that cute guy/girl.

WARNING!!! If you decide to take my awesome advice, there is a 50 percent chance that person might reject you.

Guys, do not call the lady a b*tch, followed by “you ugly anyway.”

Just take it and remember how many other fish there are at El Camino.

Ladies, this doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, he just isn’t your guy.


Do you look like a snack or a full course meal?

Look your best at all times, because you never know when you’ll have your opportunity.

Obviously not too many people come to school in their flyest fit everyday.

Just keep it neat, and complimentary to your attributes.

Wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel confident.

Make it obvious.

You have to give hints!

You can do this by simply smiling and making eye contact.

Every time I make eye contact with a guy I’m like “oooo he want some of this.”

You can even say hello.

Nothing is wrong with simply being nice or greeting someone, people should do it more often.

This will make them notice you and show you are interested.

Exchanging smiles and flirty eye contact?

This is your que. 3, 2, 1. Action!

Introduce yourself. “Hello, my name is Becky.” Have some fun, light, flirty conversation.

For example, you’re standing in line at Cafe Camino and you see him/her. Shawty standing right in front of you lookin like some heat, straight fire.

Compliment them! But make sure your compliment is something open ended. Don’t just say, ” I like your shirt.”

BORING! Obviously they know their shirt is fly. Say “your shirt is nice, where’d you get it?” and start a conversation from there. Don’t forget to smile.

There he/she is walking in your direction. Hurry! Find something to drop in front of him/her. Act like you didn’t see it drop and keep walking until you feel a tap on your shoulder. If they don’t return the item you didn’t make it obvious enough or they are an asshole and you don’t need to talk to them.

We’re in school and very forgetful at times. professors encourage us to “ask questions! No question is a dumb question.” Ask your crush about the homework and make small talk. Ask them if they understand the lesson. If they do, ask if you two can study together sometime. If they don’t Yan can still study together and teach each other.

Ask for directions somewhere.

Most likely you’ll already know how to get there, so this is just your excuse to talk to them. While they’re talking you should be thinking of what you’re going to say next.

Personally, I would ask for their instagram.

Get their instagram

Asking for social media is not as direct as asking for someone’s number so it’s easier to do.

Almost everyone has social media. Asking for someone’s handle isn’t really like saying ” I want to be with you” like asking for someone’s number.

It’s just like “you’re cool and interesting and I’d like to stay connected with you.”

Asking for someone’s number is kind of creepy and intimidating.

People follow strangers all the time and think noting of it so ask for that instagram and slide in those dms!

“Aye my homie wanna talk to you, he standing right over there.” I know you’ve heard this.

Some may think it’s cowardly or childish, but it works sometimes .

If you’re too shy to approach someone by yourself ask a friend to help you out.

Just make sure when you’re friend points at you, you don’t look like a creep.

Basically it’s getting their attention and taking advantage of having their time. Take a few seconds of courage and let go of your ego.

You could be missing out on someone worth a lifetime.

Now go on and get yo man/woman!