We Banjo 3 performing newest album at Marsee Auditorium


We Banjo 3, an Irish bluegrass band bringing mental health awareness through their music. Lead singer David Howley said, “The world is crazy and music is our place of safety. It doesn’t matter the genre of music.” Photograph courtesy of Michelle Roche, media relations manager for We Banjo 3.

As the strings play through their fingers, a band of brothers unite to create music through the sound of the banjo.

We Banjo 3, an Irish, bluegrass band has melted the hearts in Ireland and continues to do so in the U.S. as they tour around the states for their 2018-19 tour.

These multi-instrumentalist songwriters created a new genre of modern music they call Celtgrass, which is a combination of American bluegrass with traditional Irish music.

With their new invention, they became Billboard’s No. 1 Artists Originators of Celtgrass making their last album, “String Theory” No.1 on the Billboard charts.

They have released five albums, one being their newest album, “Haven”, which was released on July 27.

This new album has hits such as, “Haven” andLight in the Sky.”

Their albums discuss topics that have a negative stigma surrounding them, like mental health, which is a topic they want to bring awareness to at their concerts.

“We wanted to bring awareness with a little bit of positivity and with instruments like a banjo,” lead singer, David Howley said. “The world is crazy and music is our place of safety. It doesn’t matter the genre of music.”


As they travel the states in the U.S. playing their three banjos, We Banjo 3 will be making a stop here at El Camino College.

They will be performing in the Marsee Auditorium on Saturday, Oct. 20 at 8 p.m.

With their Irish background in music, this band of brothers will be performing their newest album, “Haven,” through the sound of their voices, banjos, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.

“Make sure to have your dancing shoes polished and ready to go,” Howley said.

Tickets are on sale now until Oct. 20 in the Marsee Ticket Office, online, or through the telephone. Tickets for the general public are $28 and $10 for ECC students.