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Drawing is her favorite form of expression

Multi-talented artist, Jackie Robinson, shows off one of her drawings by the art quad on Tuesday, Nov. 9. Photo credit: Arielle Chacon

While sitting at a blue lunch table down by the art quad, the sun’s rays peek through the trees creating bright golden hints in her platinum blonde hair.

Jacqueline Kate Robinson smiles as she carefully adds details to her abstract two-page drawing in her sketchbook.

Robinson is a 19-year-old multi-talented artist who indulges herself in a drawing, sculpting, painting, and creative jewelry assembly.

She is also passionate about the environment and botany because of her love of nature, specifically carnivorous plants. Robinson’s abstract drawings usually consist of parts of the body surrounded by nature like flowers and plants.

“I love to take stuff that makes people uncomfortable and make it comfortable,” Robinson said. “A lot of people are uncomfortable with naked bodies, but like we all got a body underneath these clothes.”

She is currently studying graphic design, though Robinson said she finds herself gravitating toward interior design because she says it includes most of the things she is passionate about.

“I’ve thought about interior design,” Robinson said. “I am also passionate about the environment, and I think that I can incorporate eco-friendly furniture, and like paints etc.”

Robinson knows that some homes today still contain harmful lead paint. She said she feels she can help people with healthy living while making it an aesthetically pleasing space.

Jackie Robinson working on her two-page abstract drawing on a blue bench near the art quad Tuesday, Nov. 9. Photo credit: Arielle Chacon

“To be able to do that for somebody else and be satisfied with that aesthetic and it’s not mine, that makes me happy in a way because it’s just like, I’m doing it for somebody else,” Robinson said. “I’m always about helping people.”

Robinson aspires to get a degree at El Camino College to have something to show for her education and creative abilities.

“I am working towards just at least having an AA because I want to have a background in art like I want to have that credential saying I can actually do stuff,” Robinson said laughing. “So, I’m not just a wacko on the street like, ‘Buy my art!”’

Robinson’s favorite form of expression for her art is her drawings. As an artist, she is very open and even invites audience interpretation to her work.

“I love different perspectives that people get from my drawings,” Robinson said. “Some people are so off in trying to decipher the meaning, but then I’m like, you’re not off, it’s just not what I intended but that’s great that you got that out of it.”

Robinson explains how she used art as a vessel in expression since she didn’t have very many friends growing up.

“I’ve been creative ever since I was younger, and I guess middle school is when I really started like drawing bigger things,” Robinson said.

Middle school is when Robinson’s doodles began to transform, and her skill began to develop. She would give her art away that she didn’t like, but her family supported her and suggested selling it instead.

“When I really started drawing bigger things versus like just doodles and stuff, I would even give them away to people like my family was also like, you like you can’t just give stuff away especially if its good, you could do something with this,” Robinson said.

El Camino Student, Jackie Robinson, currently majoring in graphic design, plans on possibly changing her major to interior design taken Tuesday, Nov. 9. Photo credit: Arielle Chacon

Robinson’s family has always been very supportive of her in pursuing a career that involves her talents. Her older sister, Jessica Robinson Dancosse, a 33-year-old 1st-grade teacher has watched Jackie’s skills advanced as she grew up.

“She has always loved art, and I remember her starting to draw at a very young age,” Dancosse said. “As she got older, her talent grew, and her art becomes more refined.”

One of Robinson’s drawings she created is a giant beautiful yellow flower that resembles that of a daisy with a twist.

“I love nature, I was thinking I want to draw a flower but I want the middle bits to be teeth because I thought that’d be cool, and I love weird plants, botany is another passion of mine,” Robinson said. “I wanted to have eyes on the petals just because I thought it would be really cool looking.”

One of Robinson’s close friends, Skylar Baye, 20, a mechanical engineering student at El Camino College was impressed by Robinson’s drawings when she first showed them to him.

“I think she asked me if she wanted me to look at her art,” Baye said. “I was really impressed by it because it’s different from what I’ve seen before.

Robinson’s goal and motto in life involve not being caught up in the physicality of the world, but to put more focus inwardly and that idea is expressed through much of the artwork she creates and explains so in a statement.

“I just want to open people’s minds and expand their worldview because the world is so much bigger, conceptually than a lot of people think,” Robinson said.

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