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“Simple Things” reveals nature as an ode to life

“The colors are beautiful and real clear,” Jacob Faulk, 18, accounting major, says as he looks at the photographs. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

Upon first viewing, one would assume the saturated pictures of yellow sunsets and paintings of landscapes mounted on the Schauerman Library wall would be anything but “Simple Things.”

But for Linda Detwiler Burner, there was more than meets the eye.

The theme surrounding “Simple Things,” exhibiting paintings by Brandon Scott Burner and photographs by Linda Detwiler Burner, is an ode to the Burner’s dog, Babe, that died in May, taking its place as the central theme of the gallery.

“(Babe) taught me and others all to enjoy the simple things in life,” Linda Burner said.

A photo of the Burners' dog, Babe, who inspired the meaning behind the gallery. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

The exhibition is a collaborative effort from the Burners in hopes of conveying a complex concept but in a simple manner, which is to get back to “the root of life.”

They used acrylic oil-based paintings of nature and semi-glossy photographs of animals as the color-filled motif of the exhibition.

This is not the first time Linda has curated her own work at EC. In March 2016, she displayed “A Balloon Affair,” a colorful photos of a hot air balloon’s trajectory.

This exhibition had more intimate a meaning than her last. Linda shares her personal journey along with work from Scott, her husband, who has collaborated with Linda on numerous occasions in shows and in work.

Scott said that he would sometimes paint the landscapes that Linda would take pictures of and loosely reference certain color schemes, but overall creates his own rendition.

A recurring theme in Linda’s work is that the “photography focuses brilliantly on the natural world. Her photographs illuminate details of nature with an elegant eye and a strong set photographic skills,” Darilyn Rowan, an EC photography professor and member of the South Bay Camera Club (SBCC), said.

A short bio of Linda’s experience with her first camera when she was eight years old is displayed on the glass case along with the dedication of Babe, which poetically interconnects the themes surrounding the art as Linda bares her soul to the gallery.

Some of the photographs in the "Simple Things" photography exhibit. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

Sitting adjacent from the glass case is a monolith-esque case displaying pictures of Linda’s past with family portraits and tender moments captured on film.

It wasn’t until 2008 that her family recommended she purchase a “nice” digital camera, the point that benchmarked a pivotal moment in her photography career.

When Linda joined the SBCC, she had the the opportunity to feature her work for the first time. She also attended a summer course at EC to learn how to develop black and white film while simultaneously classified as a staff member on campus.

Linda is inspired by Ansel Adams, who taught her to visualize pictures before she shoots them to gain a better sense of composition.

The exhibit will be displayed until Saturday, September 30.

In the future, Linda said that she always tries to stimulate her creativity by taking portraits of people and hopes to return to Ireland to capture more photos.

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