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Art exhibit ‘Working Title’ features El Camino students

Harrison ‘Harry’ Cortez, 21, Illustration major, stands in front of his piece ‘Vandeville’ an ink drawing he says it took one month to do. Photo credit: Shontel Leake

The Samuels Advertising building in downtown L.A. hosted a special one-night only show called “Working Title” on Sat, Jan. 30, where a number of El Camino Arts students had their work showcased.

“Whale Roll – Meat, Oil, Blubber” is an art piece by Paul Bodin, 20, Art major, which stood out because in the drawing there’s a whale cut into three pieces, but the middle piece is being picked up by chopsticks, like if it were sushi.

It all started with his mother who was just proud of his work and would take pieces of art into her office, Bodin said.

About a year ago he was offered the opportunity to exhibit his work in the office his mom works in by the person who owns the building where the art show was hosted, Bodin said.

Harrison Cortez, 21, illustration/art major, and Emmett Ansel, 22, art major are two other El Camino students who got their work featured in this art show.

“Me and my friends just started putting our artwork together for the past six months in order to make this possible,” Bodin said.

Bodin says he’s been “doodling” since middle school but it’s only been two years since he’s been serious about his artwork.

Boden discussed the “Whale Roll” piece, saying that the Chinese kill whales for meat, oil and blubber and that was his inspiration behind this.

Unlike Bodin, Cortez started as a kid with his art, but he started focusing on “Quill and Ink” style since 2012. “Looney Like An Acid Casualty” is among many of his art works he’s proud of, Cortez says.

Cortez’s inspiration comes from art, music, skateboarding, surfing, the 60s, and the desert, among many other things. As far as his inspiration from artists, Rick Griffin is one of them, he adds.

Unlike Cortez, who has many inspirations, Ansel’s main inspiration is music along with life events.

“Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix inspired one of Ansel’s work titled “I Gave Her the Gun” and is a piece in black and white with a dash of color.

In this drawing, there’s a man with a long beard who has his arm extended and is pointing at a woman with a gun. The man is drawn in black and white, but the woman is drawn in color which seems to pop out of the page.

Another piece in the art show was one that was more like a series of portraits which were hung along the stairway in the gallery.

“One day I just came and counted the steps and decided it would be cool to just have 18 faces along the wall,” Ansel said.

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