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We should unite, not divide

November 16, 2016

Campus Viewpoints: Post-Election Results

By Alba E. Mejia and Selvin Rodas

November 16, 2016

"The Union" went out on campus to ask students whether they think Donald Trump will be a good president after winning the election and why they think that. Here are what some students had to say:Christina Bailey, 20, film/video m...

Documentary promises view of ‘panoramic’ destinations in Brazil

By Selvin Rodas

November 16, 2016

The Marsee Auditorium will be screening the "Brazil Documentary," which is a movie that took a 59-day journey to show the "most beautiful and panoramic destinations," according to a flier.This event is part of the "Discovery World Tra...

‘Broadway’ has audiences laughing and dancing in their seats

By Estrella Ramos

November 8, 2016

The Chorale Club debuted their theatrical musical performances at the Haag Recital on Friday, Nov. 4, which included a variation of interpreted songs titled "Broadway, Here We Come!".Wearing a red suit with a black shirt, ar...

Campus Viewpoints: Presidential Election

By Nohemy Barrera

November 7, 2016

"The Union" went out on campus and asked students who they were voting for in the upcoming presidential elections and why they were voting for them. Here's what some students had to say.Clarence Davis, photography and communications major: "I'm voting for Hillary Clinton...

Marvel pulls off captivating experience with ‘Doctor Strange’

By Grant Hermanns

November 6, 2016

Even if every comic movie origin story is bound to follow a similar formula, they all have unique touches that can make them, or break them, whether it's "Ant-Man'"s heist genre or "Guardians of the Galaxy'"s homage to the '8...

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