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Warriors baseball’s 10th man: groundskeeper Gary Crawford

By David Rondthaler

September 11, 2019

He has never had an at-bat or pitched an inning, but he's on the field before every El Camino Warriors' baseball game."Every year he is in the team picture," Warriors' coach Nate Fernley said. "He is one of the guys. He is a p...

Long-time Badminton and Soccer coach John Britton is an ‘Energy’ for his students.

By Anna Podshivalova

September 11, 2019

Smiles surround John Britton during training sessions and games. The positivity he brings uplifts his players to perform to their maximum abilities. “He is humorous about things and doesn’t make you feel bad if you ...

Student’s academic journey leads to success

By Melanie Chacon

May 29, 2019

I remember driving into the parking lot the first day of the fall semester at California State University, Fullerton in August of 2004. It was a warm day and I had the windows down in my 2003 white Chevy S-10 Xtreme. Three Ch...

Vocal professor to perform at Campus Theatre

By Reyna Torres

September 30, 2017

He taps his left foot and looks at his music notes on his stand while swaying his arms, conducting his students to the tune 'America.'Kevin Blickfeldt is a vocal professor for the music department at El Camino College who has b...

People of El Camino: Elizabeth Palomino

By Carina Cardenas

April 16, 2017

Elizabeth Palomino, 19, political science major, "Ten years from now I see myself (already) graduated, working (for) the City Counsel, and being involved in a feminist organization."...

Food for the student: Top Five lunch items near El Camino

By Grant Hermanns

May 3, 2016

Every student has experienced it. You're hungry, but only have a short break between classes to grab some food. The only problem is you're low on money and are tired of going to Cafe Camino and McDonald's. So what's an El Cam...

Graduation student speaker applications due by April 1

By Selvin Rodas

March 1, 2016

Students who are graduating this year, and want to be the Student Speaker at graduation must submit their application and a speech to the Student Development Office on Friday, April 1 at 1 p.m., according to the flier. The auditions will ...

On social media the week of Dec. 29

By Jessica Martinez

January 4, 2015

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Students look at the spectrum of transferring

By Patrice Moore

December 9, 2014

He sees in blue and gold. She sees in crimson and gold. They see green. Some don’t see color at all.At least not yet anyway.But 19-year-old communications major Zoe Bibb sees two colors many don’t see on the spect...

On social media the week of Nov. 17

By Brenda Soriano

November 23, 2014

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