El Camino’s badminton team win 8-0 against East Los Angeles College


El Camino’s home team player Madison Gilbert (left) getting ready to do a backhand shot in a singles match against an unidentified opponent from East Los Angeles College at the El Camino’s Gymnasium on Wednesday, April 20. The Warriors would go onto have a perfect game, beating the Huskies 8-0. (Margarita Sipaque | The Union)

El Camino College’s badminton team picked up a major win against East Los Angeles College at El Camino’s campus Gymnasium on April 20.

The game consisted of six total matches. They played four singles and two doubles matches. Every single game counted as one point while each double counted as two points. The El Camino Warriors picked up a perfect victory with a final score of 8-0.

This win was only the second time that the home team has won against East Los Angeles College this season.

On today’s lineup were Japanese international student, Marina Mongaki, who her team refers to her as their “number one” player, Montila Winyaworapon and Julia Foster. New players, Karlee Clark and Madison Gilbert also played in today’s game.

Each player but Clark played a single and all but Gilbert played a double.

Badminton Coach, John Britton expressed his feelings about the team’s victory.

“It was a good all-around team performance,” Britton said. “We changed the doubles lineup, we changed partners around and we didn’t drop a game so that’s very good.”

Coach Britton believes his team has improved and that it showed in today’s game and mentioned how overall his team is improving.

“The top two, Julia and Marina have become more consistent and our three, four, five and six have gotten much better,” Britton said.

Mongaki had some technical difficulties during one of her matches today but was able to fix it and continue on with her matches.

“My racket changed by accident today so that was surprising but I tried to do my best,” Mongaki said.

Mongaki believes she improved from the last game but still believes she needs to work on her other problems.

“Overall, I enjoyed today’s game which has me feeling more confident for the next game,” Mongaki said.

One of the home team’s players, Foster, had a challenge throughout today’s game, dealing with an injury.

Although Foster said that she was not going to play until her next game, she ended up playing and winning both her singles and doubles matches.

Clark prepared for the game by practicing the day before and said that the team knew that their game against L.A. College was not going to be as competitive as their next game against Pasadena City College.

“We’re kind of using today’s game as practice for Friday’s [April 22] game,” Clark said. “I did hurt myself at practice earlier today but overall I feel confident.”

Even though the team is dealing with a recent loss to Pasadena, Clark thinks all of the players have improved and believes this time the game will be a close match.

As one of the newer players on El Camino’s Badminton team, Clark says that being a part of the team has been more fun than she expected.

Britton, who is also a soccer coach at El Camino convinced Clark to join the Badminton team.

“The team chemistry is really good. It’s honestly more like playing with friends than a team aspect,” Clark said.

The Warriors face off against Pasadena City College will be on Friday, April 22.