School’s out for…Spring Break!

As the eighth week of the spring 2022 semester comes to a close, the El Camino College community prepares to go on spring break.

As students and faculty of El Camino are getting ready for the break from school, The Union caught up with some of them to see what their plans are over the break.

Sitting in the sun with a colorful Rick and Morty T-shirt and black snapback hat, undeclared major Efrain Camacho, 19, is excited to get back to work on his paintings over spring break.

“I like to paint a lot and sell them sometimes … Over spring break I’m going to make a lot of paintings so I can be prepared for the Anime Expo this summer in Los Angeles,” Camacho said.

Terrell Richardson, an automotive major, enjoys going to car events such as Cars and Coffee and taking photographs with his thrift-store camera. He is ready to work on personal projects over the break.

“There’s a couple of things I want to do to my car over spring break since for the most part, I try to do repairs myself unless it’s too difficult … I was thinking of doing a manual swap because my car is automatic at the moment and I want to take it to the track and race it, but it’s a huge, huge, project,” Terrell said. “I don’t know if I will be able to do it.”

Similar to many students on campus, Terrell is also excited to sleep in during spring break:

“I like in-person school a lot, I feel like I learn more. But I do want to sleep in. It has been a long time since I’ve slept past six in the morning,” Terrell said.

Erika Geczi, a self-proclaimed “foodie” and nursing major from Torrance, is going to have a girl’s trip this weekend with her friends who also attend El Camino College.

“My friends and I are going to Vegas this weekend. We really want to go to one of Gordon Ramsay or Guy Frieri’s restaurants,” Geczi said.

Geczi says that she is ready for a break from over eight consecutive weeks of school.

“I’m really excited for spring break since I need a break, but I am excited and happy to be in person. I feel like I’m learning more and that I’m more immersed on campus,” Geczi said.

Though school is out for students and teachers, not every employee at El Camino College gets a break.

Dean of Humanities Debra Breckheimer is one of those employees, as the administration at El Camino does not get the week of spring break off, rather they get vacation days that can be used throughout the year.

“Sometimes there are fewer meetings which is also a bonus because meetings are kind of like going to class and getting homework,” Breckheimer said.

Emma Niu, a math professor on campus, is going to prepare for her classes this break.

“It’s a lighter week but I’ll still do my normal work. Maybe teachers will travel for a short weekend, but most teachers work during the spring break … I might sleep in more,” Niu said.

While students are roaming the Hermosa Pier, watching Netflix, sleeping in and resting, many El Camino staff and faculty members will continue working to keep El Camino running.

The nice thing for us during spring break is that it’s quiet,” Breckheimer said. “It’s a time to catch up and take care of a lot of business.”