El Camino College should provide laptops to students during campus shut down

El Camino College is currently going through an unprecedented time, as all classes are now being shifted to an online format, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amidst this unexpected change, ECC professors have been working tirelessly to get their planned lectures moved online and modified for their students. Meanwhile, the students themselves now have to adjust to having their classes via online platforms.

ECC’s Learning Research Center and Math Study Center are also currently loaning laptops to students who don’t have access to Wi-Fi at home. According to an article from The Union, ECC officials do not have a complete method of knowing how many students will be needing laptops and other online resources, and for what classes.

Which truly begs the question: Which classes highly require internet and a computer/laptop to ensure each student’s success?

I believe some of the more obvious answers would include the STEM courses, as these classes might require internet access.

From my own experience, I’ve had a statistics class at ECC that required me to have access to a website containing all my homework, quizzes, and tests. The same kind of situation can be said for when I took marine biology, as it required copious amounts of research for assignments.

Regarding other majors and classes that may require owning a laptop, I’d say that the art majors would also be a considerable choice; especially those taking art classes that require access to things like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

This transition, with intentions to still provide education for students, is affecting many of us.

As someone currently enrolled in a graphic design class, I would have been provided with specific resources to complete my art projects during in-person class time.

But now, classes on an online platform becomes an issue for me, and other students, who can’t afford the resources for the courses we are taking.

From what I’ve witnessed as a student, before I found myself “trapped” in my own home, this issue also applies to some enrolled in photography classes at ECC.

Those who use digital cameras, including me, will be dealing with a whole different set of problems. We may not have access to the technology that’s required in order to complete our assignments, such as laptops, adapters, or memory cards

The worst possible thing to happen to a photography student would be not having a camera at all.

In the face of our struggles, ECC still has so many resources to share with its students. The college should take further steps and leave its computer labs open for all students in need of doing their work.

I also believe that professors should have resources like free digital textbooks available on Canvas, especially in times like this.

If you are a student at ECC, and have suggestions, or can think of other classes that may require laptops and similar resources during the lockdown, feel free to share them @ECCUnionDan or @ECCUnion on Twitter.

Remember, we are all in this together.