Campus Viewpoints: What are people doing to stay busy during self quarantine?

The Union asked students about how they are staying busy during quarantine and how they are adjusting to online classes.

Ryan Ausland, 20, nursing major,

“I’ve been staying busy by trying to find one successful thing to do every day. Either it’s cleaning a junk drawer, reorganizing my room or accomplishing something that I have been putting off for awhile,” Ausland said. “I recommend students [try] and get Tik Tok famous so they can stay at home, make money and get a check.”

Megan Whipp, 19, biology major,

I’ve been working out, and [I’ve] been watching a lot of Netflix and Disney Plus to keep me occupied,” Whipp said. “I will also use this time to heal my injuries so I’ll be 100 percent by next season of softball.”

Natalie Mitter, 21, communications major,

“I’m working on homework and trying to find ways to be active while being inside. A suggestion for students would be to come up with some fun activities that they could do inside to stay active,” Mitter said.

Nicky Green, 20, psychology major,

“I’ve been taking the first few days just to chill and relax in these stressful times. But soon I will begin to start working out, I’ll be doing free weight workouts at home like pushups for example and going on runs as well. I’ll be taking my dogs on walks because it’s good to get outside and not just stay in the house. I’ll obviously be doing some tv show binging and video games. But I’ll also be looking to pick up some new hobbies and develop my Spanish as well. I’d suggest [that] students [recognize] the severity of our actions and that we must work with the rest of the country and quarantine. Even though we are not [necessarily] at risk, if kids our age continue to hang out with each other the virus will continue to spread. I [also] suggest [students] try to find some new hobbies [to] learn while being at home because [we have access to] technology so we should take advantage of that instead of just only watching pointless tv shows all day,” Green said.

Erroll McMillan,19, undeclared major,

“My little brother is really good at playing the piano because he learned it at a really young age in middle school so I’m having him teach me in all the free time we have,” McMillan said.

Dylan Marin, 20, business major,

“I’m taking this time to be around my family and obviously I’m still doing my online classes. [I’ve been] kind of sitting back and realizing the severity of the situation and just going day by day while working at my family’s restaurant,” Marin said.