El Camino at your fingertips? Sounds like a great idea

El Camino College could be left behind in a world transitioning into a predominantly digital landscape by not having its own dedicated mobile application yet.

However, EC has given this some thought and is currently testing a third-party app.

Ann O’Brien, executive director of marketing and communications, said that the app has some functionality issues that EC is looking into and it might not work out, but they are in favor of the school having one.

It is nice to know that it has crossed their mind but it seems like EC won’t have an app students could use anytime soon.

Each passing semester of EC not having its own dedicated app is a missed opportunity for students and the school.

There would be no problem of it finding its user base.

The smartphone is no longer a rare commodity and is a major part of everyday society, including the college experience.

According to a study done by Educase in 2014, 86% of undergraduate students owned a smartphone.

Smartphones give students a convenient platform to email their professors, do research on the internet, and many other scholarly activities.

A dedicated mobile app could improve the on campus experience for many students who own a smartphone.

Finding your way around campus can be hard even for students who have been at EC for quite some time.

The mobile app could have a detailed map of EC with a GPS location tracker to help students navigate their way around the school.

The app could also help with time management.

There could be a feature for students to input their class schedule and receive alarm notifications 15 minutes before a class begins.

Notifications could be very useful because let’s be honest, not everyone checks their email inbox everyday.

The dedicated app could give students phone notifications of announcements made by the school or even by a club in EC.

This would be a good way for students to become more aware about events happening on campus.

The food vendors could also make announcements about new items on the menu or dishes they are out of.

This could prevent students from lining up for something they are currently not serving and would save them a lot of time.

The best thing this app could offer would be a platform for students to connect with each other.

Students want to make friends and it could help them spend fewer breaks alone.

A forum or a chat room could provide students company and it would enhance the comradery of the community.

There are many things a dedicated mobile app could do to improve a students time at EC.

It may be in the works but unfortunately it does not officially exist yet.

El Camino needs its own dedicated mobile application and it should be demanded.