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Young voters, let your voices be heard

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Young voters, let your voices be heard

Illustration by Jose Tobar

Illustration by Jose Tobar

Illustration by Jose Tobar

Illustration by Jose Tobar

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In a time where millennial’s have been excising their power, and the ability to influence others, especially through the use of social media, young voters must realize that, yes, your vote does matter.

If you are registered to vote, bravo. You are probably responsible and politically motivated. If you have not yet registered to vote, don’t fret. You still can.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already registered, you will not be eligible to vote in the General Election this year, but you can and still should register nonetheless.

For students and faculty of El Camino College, if you log into your MyECC portal, you will find that there is an option to register to vote.

EC has also created a page on their website with a message from California Governor Jerry Brown, encouraging all college students to vote.

In the message from Gov. Brown, he explains that in this upcoming election, California voters will decide issues affecting education funding and college tuition, the state budget process, punishment for crimes, and food labeling rules.

These decisions will directly affect students in public schools, including students at El Camino.

In the midterm elections in November, one of the propositions voted on will be Proposition 5.

According to the California Federation of Teachers website, cft.org, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst says under Prop 5, “Schools and local governments each would lose over $100 million in annual property taxes early on, growing over time to about $1 billion per year (in today’s dollars).”

That’s why teachers, firefighters, health care workers, seniors, housing and homelessness advocates, local governments and middle- class taxpayers all say vote NO on Prop 5.

The 2018 General Election are taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and, despite the fact that the 2016 elections were hacked by Russians, it is still important that you register and vote next month.

And its even more important that you educate yourself on what exactly you will be voting on.

If you are having trouble motivating yourself to get to the polls, consider this: think about what people of color, lower class citizens, and women, went through in order to have the right to vote in this country.

Voting is our luxury now but it wasn’t for everyone not so long ago. Take advantage of this opportunity, because again, yes, your vote does matter.

Choose who you want in office. Decide what you do and do not agree with and vote on it.

Do your research, read your ballots, and take the time to figure out how you feel, if and how you will be affected, and find your voice so that you can use it.

There is so much power in having an opinion and being able to cast a ballot based on your beliefs, wants, and needs as students and American’s.

People of El Camino, let your voices be heard and cast your vote on Nov. 6.

Update: Wednesday, Oct. 31, 4:01 p.m. the word “by” was removed from the byline for clarification.

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Young voters, let your voices be heard