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Letter to the Editor: A response to “What (should) the United States do about gun control”

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To the Editor:

Your article, “What (should) the United States do about gun control?” is missing a few points.

First, let’s discuss the most recent shooting in Texas. Did you know that the murderer was stopped by a good guy with a gun? That’s right! Stephen Willeford is a former NRA instructor. His heroism and his gun brought down the shooter.

Moreover, the Texas gunman was never allowed to have a gun. He was discharged from the Air Force on bad terms because he assaulted his toddler. Sadly, the Air Force made a mistake, never putting on his record that he shouldn’t be allowed to have guns.

As well, we have the Second Amendment. To change that would require a constitutional amendment. (And, believe me, that would be more difficult than trying to ace a final exam when you begin studying the night before.)

If, somehow, America banned every… single… gun… there would still be gun violence! That’s because criminals always find a way to smuggle guns in. That’s why they’re called criminals: they break the law.

Just look at Chicago: some of the strictest gun control in the country, yet they have had over 600+ homicides just this year alone.

Hannah Shafiroff, 19, graphic design major, and Student Ambassador for PragerU

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Letter to the Editor: A response to “What (should) the United States do about gun control”