Campus Viewpoints: Favorite place to study on campus

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“The Union” went around campus and interviewed students and asked them to share their favorite place to study on El Camino’s campus.

Crystal Fuentes

Photo credit: Reyna Torres

Crystal Fuentes, 21, nursing major: “The math building (is my favorite place to study) because it’s quiet and I can concentrate. I work on my math homework and my reading homework.”

Jenna Wilson

Photo credit: Reyna Torres

Jenna Wilson, 19, nursing major: “Probably the North Wing in the library. It’s super quiet, (there are) a lot of tables, and (there are) barriers (around the tables) so I’m not in everyone’s business and I feel like I can get my work done more effectively.”

Alvaro Valenzuela

Photo credit: Reyna Torres

Alvaro Valenzuela, 22, Japanese major: “I like coming (to the music library) because they have access to pianos. In the meantime I just study my Japanese flashcards, because it usually takes like half an hour to wait for piano rooms.”

Aryam Sanyai

Photo credit: Reyna Torres

Aryam Sanyai, 18, computer science major: “MESA (computer lab) for sure, because it really helps me out with all the tutoring I need for my STEM classes. I can go and work with other students who are doing the same things and also I’m able to use resources.”

Nicholas Hughes

Photo credit: Reyna Torres

Nicholas Hughes, 18, undecided major: “I-Tech building reminds me of home. I like to study here and study with friends, and I like to draw my symbols.”

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