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Willing to wait for love

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Finding love, or at least someone to click with seems so easy when scrolling on Twitter. A girl tweets, “Hit me up if you tryna fall in love,” a guy will hit her up and the next thing you know, they’ve been together for months.

Love isn’t easy to find these days, especially when you’re a part-time student and have a part-time job with crazy hours.

Finding someone to really connect with is definitely a challenge, but I have a strong feeling that it’ll be worth it.

I believe what makes finding someone difficult is wanting something real in a hookup generation.

I’m sure all of “that stuff” is great, but ever since I was in middle school I knew I wanted all of that with someone I was dating.

I felt like it would mean more to have those experiences with someone I was connecting with, rather than someone I just met.

I’ve talked to my fair share of girls since I really started looking to date in middle school, and I’ve been ghosted and ignored more times than I bother to remember.

Being ghosted is a terrible feeling. To believe you made a good friend and to have them just stop talking to you completely. It stings.

Despite all the heartbreak I’ve gone through, I’m still going to keep on looking and hoping.

I know that the feelings I’ll have with my future girlfriend will be greater than all of my heartbreaks combined.

It’s near impossible to forget my first heartbreak when I was in the eighth grade though, she was my first love.

I met her through what could be the most unconventional way anyone can meet anyone: cobrastarship.com.

I was a big fan of the band and a cute girl was messaging me about the band, so we became friends.

We talked for nearly a month and had everything except a favorite color in common. Her’s was yellow, mine was dark blue.

I was more into her than I had ever been into anyone.

One day I came home from school and I saw that I had an email from her, tell me that she told her parents about me.

Upon reading that statement, I was already more nervous than I’ve ever been.

Later in the email it read, “My parents have forbade me to talk to you, so I’m sorry. Goobye.”

I knew what heartbreak was, I then understood every sad love song ever written.

So for the rest of that day, I listened to, “I Don’t Believe in Love” by Queensryche.

I’ll always remember her and how much it hurt to see her leave like that, but I still have hope that I’ll find someone, regardless of the pain.

Lately I’ve been on Tinder and OKCupid, and it hasn’t worked out well for me. Either no one’s interested or I’m swiping on the wrong girls, who knows.

One thing I do know, is that all of this is worth the wait. I’m excited for when I meet that woman I’m meant to be with.

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Willing to wait for love