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Campus Viewpoints: Presidential Election

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“The Union” went out on campus and asked students who they were voting for in the upcoming presidential elections and why they were voting for them. Here’s what some students had to say.

Clarence Davis

Clarence Davis, photography and communications major: “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. I know there isn’t a perfect candidate, but we have needs that need to be met and I think Clinton is the most qualified candidate. I’m expecting the next president to speak up for us and represent us. Clinton has spoken more about our equal rights. I know she can’t do it all on her own, but she will have the support of the democratic party.”

Mike Leist

Mike Leist, 24, studio art major: “I don’t believe in voting and I have never voted. I think my opinion in politics is skewed because I was in the military. I think they’re both horrible candidates. This is the first election I’ve really followed and the debate was so unprofessional, it looked like children arguing. If I had felt strongly enough about a candidate I would have voted and if I could have voted at the time I would have voted for John McCain when he was running.”

Samantha Anguiano

Samantha Anguiano, 21, music major: “I’m going for Clinton because I think she is the lesser of two evils and she has more credibility. I don’t think she is as ignorant as Trump. He provokes so much violence and hatred amongst people. I feel like both of our primary candidates are doing this as a publicity stunt. This is my first year voting and I wish Bernie could come back because I would have voted for him.”

Daniel Valdez

Daniel Valdez, 19, electrical engineer major: “I’ve seen so many and so many of Donald Trump’s comments about different people. I know I’m not voting for Donald Trump although I’m a Republican. I think it’s also my Mexican culture and my family influence that makes me not want to vote for him. I am registered to vote, but I don’t think I’ll be voting for this election.”

Gabriela Ortiz

Gabriela Ortiz, 20, health sciences major: “I’m not voting because they are both awful candidates and I’m aware that it is important to vote, but I can’t contribute to either one of them becoming president. I would have voted for Bernie, if he was still running because I supported what he stood for. These current candidates are so childish. We need to be prepared for America to go down the toilet.”

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Campus Viewpoints: Presidential Election