Campus Viewpoints

Should students be allowed to take backpacks into the bookstore?

Gregg Sueda, 18, computer science major.

“I guess, I mean I don’t mind. I understand why they don’t.”

Douglas Mondragon, 19, architecture major.

“Well honestly whenever I go over there I just look up books so I can find them somewhere else. If I could take in a bag or not I understand why, because of the shop lifting.”

Chassity Conner, 18, physical therapy major.

“Yes, I think so. I don’t trust people; they steal.”

Geronimo Ortega, 20, musical production major.

“Yes, because we have all our supplies and books in our backpacks.”

Marissa Romo, 20, business finance major

“We should because it’s not safe to have backpacks outside, it’s safe to have them with us.”