Real estate expo comes to El Camino in hopes of informing students.

Many college students are lured into college with the ideology of a better financial future and yet many are left wondering what the next step after graduation is.

The president of the El Camino Real Estate Association Club, Nina Elizarraras, looks to change that feeling of uncertainty in the post-graduate climate at the first ever Real Estate Association Live (REALive) Expo on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

The expo, which will feature real estate companies such as conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway and the local West Shores Realty, will be hosted inside the EC East Dining Room from 6 to 9 p.m.

“(It’s) an educational event for the students because we have a lot of students that graduate every semester and take their exam and many are left with the question of ‘where should I go work?’,” Elizarraras said.

Elizarraras said the event will also have other vendors such as electricians, landscapers, and plumbers, “everything and anything that has to do with the real estate.”

John Yeressian, real estate professor said that this event was inspired by “REimagine!,” a real estate expo attended by many EC students–hosted in Long Beach this year.

“So one of our students Nina, that’s the club president, decided to bring that to El Camino and do another one on campus where local students can attend and we’re going to have different real estate offices there,” Yeressian said. “We’re bringing the employers to El Camino.”

Yeressian said that trying to figure out what to do with a degree after graduation can be confusing.

“When you first graduate or finish your real estate degree, you don’t know where to start and I get those questions every day from students,” Yeressian said. “This way we’re able to bring industry to the student, we couldn’t make it any more convenient than having them on campus.”

Real Estate major Yahne Duquesnay said that she will be attending this event because she is interested in “all phases of real estate.”

“I want to purchase and I wanna flip them (houses) and I want to just own property,” Duquesnay said.

Duquesnay said she hopes to get more information regarding the buying and reselling of houses and hopes to network with event attendees.

The expo will be free for anyone wishing to attend.

“(We) want to make it like a public event where all the campus and all the surrounding communities of El Camino College can come in and if they need services with loans and escrows, they can come here and receive all that information,” Elizarraras said.