Homeless encampment cleanup at Alondra Park


L.A. county Sheriff helps one of the residents move belongings from the Dominguez Channel on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Photo credit: Justin Traylor

The homeless encampment under Lot F at El Camino College, was evacuated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Public Works on Tuesday, Sept. 25, authorities said.

Residents were removed in an effort to clear the area of all waste as well as protect the homeless from possible floods of the river.

A representative from the Sheriff’s Department explained that the deputies were there to “provide security” for the homeless and “assist” them with a safe relocation if they so choose to accept the help.

Some of the left over debris floating down the Dominguez Channel. Photo credit: Justin Traylor

More information on this story will be posted tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 26.