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Former El Camino student found stabbed in car on Crenshaw Boulevard

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Several police agencies responded to a call regarding a bleeding male sitting in his car on Tuesday, May 22 on Crenshaw Boulevard.

El Camino College Police Chief Michael Trevis said the victim is a former EC student.

According to a Campus Advisory sent on Wednesday, May 23, those who responded concluded that the man was the victim of a stabbing and was later transported to a local hospital.

The advisory also noted that the vehicle the victim was found in was “stopped in the south bound lanes of Crenshaw Boulevard, just north of Redondo Beach Boulevard,” though the actual location where the crime occurred is unknown.

Due to the location that the victim was found in, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is in charge of investigating the crime.

“Here on Crenshaw, for southbound Crenshaw in front of the college, that is the county’s jurisdiction,” Trevis said. “For northbound Crenshaw, that’s Gardena’s jurisdiction.”

When asked if the suspect was caught, Trevis said “I do not know, I do not know. The LA County sheriffs have the jurisdiction on it.”

The advisory provided safety tips including having one’s keys already in one’s hand, using the buddy system, and learning the location of the “Code Blue” emergency phones that are located in numerous places around the EC campus.

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Former El Camino student found stabbed in car on Crenshaw Boulevard