Warrior Life magazine to hit stands this semester


Warrior Life profiles a member of the S.H.A.D.E.S. Club, which focuses on women empowerment and feminism. "I hope (students) are enlightened," editor-in-chief Sarah Desmond said. Photo credit: Darwyn Samayoa

EC’s campus magazine, Warrior Life, is set to debut their 2018 issue this semester.

The magazine is set to include features on various EC students, faculty and staff.

“My favorite part of making this magazine was the journey. What this magazine represents is the journey,” Warrior Life editor-in chief Sarah Desmond said.

Desmond hopes that the El Camino community relates with Warrior Life.

“I hope they’re enlightened and that they find enjoyment,” Desmond said. “I hope they can relate to it. It’s not only for students, although it is a student-run publication, it’s for faculty and anyone else who works at El Camino and anyone who stops by El Camino. We talk about important issues like women empowerment but we also have some pieces that are lighter like a singer-songwriter.”

The magazine took one year to produce and includes 72 pages.

“I like (all the stories). They’re all unique in their own way. I can’t decide what I like most.” Desmond said. “I am grateful that the sources were willing to open up to us and trust us to tell their stories.”