Study abroad program to take students to Spain this summer

This year, El Camino’s study abroad program will be traveling to Spain from Monday, June 25 to Saturday, July 21.

The instructors leading this program are Argelia Andrade and Xocoyotzin Herrera, who are both professors at EC.

While the main destination is Madrid, students will get a chance to visit other cities including Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, and Toledo.

The trip covers a total of five cities, but students are encouraged to visit more places during their free time as well.

“(Students) are free to explore and go out without the group,” Herrera said. “As long as you return to the apartments.”

Living arrangements will be different this year. Instead of staying in a hotel, students will be staying in apartments.

“Which allows us to do something stay on the cost of means,” Herrera said. “Which means you are responsible for your own stuff.”

The cost for the trip is a little over $3,000. This cost covers a majority of trip expenses, excluding the cost of a flight.

“It covers things like housing, and a Madrid transit pass,” Herrera said. “All except plane ticket and any other personal expense.”

However, a deposit must be made before ensuring you a spot on the program.

“You have until April 6th to make a decision and send your deposit,” Herrera said.

Money seems to be an issue for some students. Ellena Lopez, who was thinking of attending an informational session, thinks this might prevent her from studying abroad.

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad,” Ellena Lopez, 20, English major, said. “But I don’t have money for that. I am sure of it.”

While money can be an issue, there are ways to get some help.

“At EC there (are) some donors whose foundation is offering some scholarships,” Herrera said. “There is still time to submit an application for that if you are interested.”

For other students, the thought of traveling alone can seem scary.

“I really want to travel one day and studying somewhere outside the country,” Bethany Garcia, 19, nursing major, said. “But I have never traveled without my parents before, so it’s scary to think that I’ll be alone in another country.”

Spanish professor Argelia Andrade can assure students that they will be safe and cared for no matter what.

“I will always have a can of beans if you are hungry,” Andrade said. “We will make sure you will not go hungry; we will be kind to you.”

Traveling as a student can come with a few challenges, but some professors believe that studying abroad can be a life-changing experience.

“Looking back, the best investment that I ever made in my education was all the opportunities I took to travel,” Andrade said. “Especially in groups. You will have those relationships forever. It will change you.”

Students can find more information on this year’s study abroad program here.