Club Rush takes over Library Lawn


Students gather at this semsesters Club Rush on Monday, Feb. 26 Photo credit: Tanya Silerio

Club Rush took place on the Library Lawn from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Despite the cold and chances of rain, the event will last from Monday, Feb. 26 to Thursday, March 1.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how diverse and wholeheartedly amazing El Camino is,” commissioner of the review board Thomas Magno, 20, political science major, said.

Magno explained how important it is for the school to host this event on a biannual basis..

“It’s extremely important,” Magno said. “I don’t think people would be engaged on campus (otherwise).”

The anthropology club has a booth fillied decoration from día de los muertos at this years Club Rush on Monday, Feb.26. Photo credit: Tanya Silerio

Engaging in school clubs has helped students find peers that have similar interests to them.

“I think it’s nice that events like this exist,” Ashley Yunn, 19, psychology major, said. “I’m looking around and seeing if there’s something I could get into, and hopefully meet new people.”

Not only does it help students gain interest in campus clubs but, it benefits the clubs as well.

“It’s an excellent way for them to publicize themselves and introduce themselves to the campus and recruit new members,” Magno said.

Clubs not only benefit by gaining new members, but they get a chance to see whats out there.

“It helps us get more members for sure, as well as seeing other clubs and seeing what they’re doing,” Chelsey Sanchez, 20, communications, vice president of the Broadcasting Club, said.

Broadcasting Club memebers by thier booth hoping to attract new members at this semesters Club Rush Monday, Feb. 27. Photo credit: Tanya Silerio

Students like Erin Cappello are interested in possibly joining something this year, as Club Rush has always caught their attention.

“I have thought about being in a club before but have never actually done it,” Erin Cappello, 22, art major, said. “Now that I plan on transferring this semester I might do it.”

According to Mango, around 40 to 50 clubs registered to participate in this semesters Club Rush, each being different from one another.

“Science Club incorporates all the science majors chemistry, biology, physics,” Thomas Newton, 24, geology major, said. “It’s open to anyone who is a science major or has a personal interest in science.”

Science club members by thier booth with a presentation at hand ready to answer any questions about thier club at this semesters Club Rush Monday, Feb.26. Photo credit: Tanya Silerio

There seems to be a club for everyone, from hikers to gamers. Club Rush shows how much the EC campus has to offer.

“We give hands-on production experience to students, and you can learn how to edit, report, or even editing skills,” Sanchez said.

“This semester we are working with Hawthorne Community TV, so some students are going to get the opportunity to be reporters,” Sanchez said.

Members of the Gamers Club this year posing by thier booths hoping to gain new members this year at this semesters Club Rush on Monday, Feb. 26. Photo credit: Tanya Silerio

With so much to choose from, first-year students like Jessica Villalobos feel like the experience could help her college experience.

“I joined clubs in high school and I liked it,” Jessica Villalobos, 18, computer science major, said. “It’s my first semester here I’m hoping there’s something for me.”

Club Rush is meant to be representative of all the different interests and opportunities available on campus.

“We get to demonstrate how diverse and wholeheartedly El Camino is,” Magno said.

Editor’s Note: Spelling errors in this story were corrected.